Thursday, October 20, 2016


Today, I have to share a story with everyone that has moved me in a dramatic manner. 

Yesterday as we were stopping at a rest area I suddenly lost the brakes on the coach. Thank goodness for being equipped with an exhaust brake!   After coming to a stop, I sent a text to one of the many angels that surround Bob and me. My trusty mechanic Todd,  soothed my feathers and gave me sound advice so that I could limp on down the road to our planned overnight spot. This is where we met, yet, more angels in our life. Chris and Elka, our Boondockers Welcome hosts,   Chris guided me into their property and then took over backing the coach into his master shop. Within 30 minutes he found  my brake line had broken and proceeded to run into town, buy the parts and fix it for us.

 I cannot express the feelings of gratitude that we feel today. If there was ever a doubt in anyone's mind that God does not exist, I am here to say "you are sadly mistaken". This journey we are on, called LIFE, has moved me emotionally on so many levels.   We are blessed !!!

Have a wonderful day.