Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Put Another Log on the Fire

Good Morning Everyone,

It is bone chilling cold here, that is all I can say about Tennessee.   I know that we have not gotten far enough south, however, I also did not expect the winter to arrive here quite this early.   I have been watching the temperatures in both Minnesota as well as Michigan and sadly we have had either the same temps or COLDER.   What gives with this little black cloud  following us on this  adventure!!!!  ( I hope that is not chuckling that I hear in the distance from all of our Northern followers)

We have finally figured out the comment dilemma however.   Thanks to Bill in Texas (Anonymous, we know who you are !)   we managed to muddle through the block that was set as a default on blogger.    Now everyone, comment away.....We enjoy you being our virtual traveling companions.   If you care to leave a comment on anything, just click on the word "comment" after any blog entry and a box will open up allowing you to continue.   I know this blogging is a learning curve for all of us but we can do it !!! 

Yesterday we helped Jen to reorganize her storage locker.   As we got into the task, she was regretting what we had started.    In no time at all however we had it done and it gave her a renewed idea of what she has to work with.   It was almost like Christmas...finding things we had forgotten all about.   While she and I worked, Mr. Bob made himself comfortable in one of the antique rocking chairs that has been in the family for years.   What better job for him than supervising....and shaking his head. 

There are promises of sunny skies for this afternoon so here is hoping....

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Good Morning,

Well, it appears that we escaped the flying bullet here in Nashville.   The prediction was that we would wake up to snow.   Didn't happen, but it is too cool for our old bones to be in an RV.    This entire next week has some very cool nights predicted but also sunshine during the day. 

  We have enjoyed our stay around the area but we are more than ready to have "open window temperatures", and will leave here at the end of next week.  We are still not sure where we are headed next and that is the beauty of this adventure.   We can roll down the road 25 miles or 250 plans,  just impulse.

I have been trying to figure out how one can leave comments for us within this blog.  It appears there are several options, none of which make any sense to me.   If anyone is following regularly with us and has a solution, get in touch with me...our email address is  or      Either one!   

Today, we are going to meet Jen at her storage locker and rearrange everything.   She is only able to use a portion of the stored furniture when she moves into  her new place.   It wasn't long ago that similar decisions had to be made by us, when I left my home in Minneapolis, and it is a very difficult process.    I have a sneaking suspicion that emotions will creep back in again because many of the treasures she has, have been passed down from my grandmothers to my mom and dad, on to me, and now on to her.   Family heirlooms are absolutely wonderful as long as you don't work in the travel industry.   We move too much!   

Hopefully, later this week we can get out and see a few more places when the temperatures warm up a bit more.    I am sure there are some of you that are saying "OK, enough with the history lesson, show us music row, grand ole opry"   We still hope to see that and get some photo's to share.

...Until then.....we hope this finds everyone healthy and happy.   Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sam Davis Home and Museum Smyrna TN

Good Morning

The rains have moved back into the area so today, I am afraid, will be a day to stay home and swamp out the coach.    We have so enjoyed the past several days of visiting and touring the area but this  "small space" we call home,  becomes easily unorganized in a very short time.

I have one other historic home to share with you.    We had started out to see the "Hermitage" which is the home of President Andrew Jackson, and somehow getting side tracked  (image that !),  instead found this gem in Smyrna,  TN

       Who was Sam Davis??

Samual Davis was born in 1842 , grew up in a middle class family, and attended Military Academy in Nashville to complete his education.  After only remaining in school a short time he then joined the Confederate Army in 1861.  He was chosen to become a member of "Coleman's Scouts", a group that worked behind enemy lines to disrupt Union communications.   The Scouts wore Confederate uniforms and traveled with passes signed by General Bragg, however if they were captured, they were tried as spies and executed.   Sam was apprehended and among the papers he was carrying was information that could only have come from Union General Dodge.  General Dodge was convinced that one of his own officers was supplying information to the Confederates.

A Union court-martial was held in which Sam was accused of spying.  He plead guilty to being a courier, but plead not guilty to being a spy. 

General Dodge offered him one last chance to save his life by revealing the source of the papers he was carrying.

Sam Davis was hung in November 1863.   His last words were that "I would die a thousand deaths before I would betray a friend"

The home is located on a 168 acre farm where cotton is still grown. 

Sam Davis boyhood home

Sam Davis was born in this house.  It was moved from Rutherford County to this site

Entire Family gravesite with view of slaves quarters in the back

Slave quarters with cotton fields behind them

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cragfont Gallatin TN

We had another wonderful day today site seeing.   I am taking pictures and blogging as fast as I can but the new blog format  sometimes is still a puzzle for me to solve, so it is more time consuming and as much as I would love to  do nothing but BLOG, I have a husband that thinks he needs to eat a couple of times a day.  

We ran across this historic place about 15 miles North of our RV Park.   It is the Cragfont Circa 1785.   I absolutely love the old homes and I am gaining a new found interest in history.   I should have paid more attention to history class while I was in high school I suppose,  but now it is appreciated so much more

The limestone fencing is very common around much of the Nashville area.   Although, I am sure this has been recreated,  there are a few original sections  of limestone fence that is originally from the Civil War era in  Nashville.      

Here again the property was closed for the season but I did some checking online to come up with information.   This was the home of General James Winchester who was a Brigadier General in the War of 1812 and also a leader in the up building of Tennessee, and a founder of Memphis.   General Winchester named his mansion Cragfont  because it was constructed on a rocky bluff with a spring at it's base
It is constructed of Tennessee grey limestone that was quarried right from the property.  The house is furnished with authentic American Federal furniture pieces some of which  originally belonged to the Winchester family.

Wynnewood Castilian Springs TN

Wynnewood State Historic Area, also known as Castalian Springs, and located in Castalian Springs, Sumner County, Tennessee, includes the largest existing log structure in Tennessee. It is a National Historic Landmark.
The main building was built in 1828 by A. R. Wynne, William Cage, and Stephen Roberts, to serve as a stagecoach inn for travelers between Nashville and Knoxville. In 1834, Wynne purchased his partners' shares in the property and moved into the inn with his family, where he resided until his death in 1893.
A grouping of six log buildings, the main one and five dependencies, was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1971.[1] It was further declared a National Historic Landmark, later in 1971.[2][3]
The main building is 110 feet long and 22 feet wide.[

This area was closed to visitors, however I was able to snap these shots and find some information online about the property.   I was so excited to stumble across the area and I hope you will find interest in seeing it as well.  

Past random pictures to share

Wynn and Bob strolling through Cheekwood

Thoroughbred Horse Barn at Belle Meade Mansion

Belle Meade Mansion through the trees

Side View of Dairy Barn Belle Meade Plantation

Front View of Dairy Barn Belle Meade Mansion

Inside View of Slaves Quarters Belle Meade Plantation

Slave Quarters Belle Meade Mansion

Loveless Cafe at the end of Natchez Trace Parkway

The Smells of Smoked Meats at Loveless were to die for

Such a fun day
Jen and Wynn

Friday, November 25, 2011

Wobble Wobble Wobble

We enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with Jen and Wynn.  The turkey was soaking in a brine for nearly 2 days and I highly recommend trying that if you have not before.   It was FANTASTIC. 

It was an absolutely beautiful day,  Bob and I took a walk around the neighborhood earlier in the day  so his appetite kicked into high gear.   The poor guy had eaten very little for breakfast, and dinner was quite late,  so he patiently sat at the dinner table waiting, waiting and waiting to eat.    It was well worth the wait

Today, we decided to take advantage of another warm sunny day and do a little site seeing.    Initially, we drove into Lebanon, TN which is the town we are staying near.   The town is a historic town that was built around the 1800's.    We have driven into town several times and have always admired the very small log cabin that is located right on the town square.

Neddy Jacobs Cabin

The town is quite interesting with it's town square circled with antique shops and a historic mill that has been repurposed into trendy retail and office spaces.   The Lebanon Mill has very few tenants however, which I am sure is a sign of both the economy and also it suffered from the floods of a couple years ago.   The investor that renovated the Mill has done a wonderful job of keeping it's original integrity.  I hope it survives.    

We continued on down the road after a few hours in search of a Tennessee State Park that we had wanted to see.   After driving for nearly an hour we finally found the hidden treasure.   The Bledsoe Creek State Park is wonderful with paved level camp spots.   Every time we turned around we saw Deer roaming amongst the grounds. 

  We were thrilled to see that Senior Citizens who are holders of the America the Beautiful passes can camp there for 10.00 per night....what a deal.   Although we probably will not stay in the area much longer, we certainly will make note of  the great park.   It appears that many of the State Parks do not have sewer hook up's but every one that we have seen so far does have dump stations.   

By the time we had meandered around every turn and corner, it was starting to get dark....but we were treated to one last surprise.    I guess if you can't have a White Christmas, there is always a way to get into the spirit !!!!    This was out in the middle of the country.


What a great kick-off to the Holiday season.

We are glad you found us again and stopped in to travel with us.