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Sam Davis Home and Museum Smyrna TN

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The rains have moved back into the area so today, I am afraid, will be a day to stay home and swamp out the coach.    We have so enjoyed the past several days of visiting and touring the area but this  "small space" we call home,  becomes easily unorganized in a very short time.

I have one other historic home to share with you.    We had started out to see the "Hermitage" which is the home of President Andrew Jackson, and somehow getting side tracked  (image that !),  instead found this gem in Smyrna,  TN

       Who was Sam Davis??

Samual Davis was born in 1842 , grew up in a middle class family, and attended Military Academy in Nashville to complete his education.  After only remaining in school a short time he then joined the Confederate Army in 1861.  He was chosen to become a member of "Coleman's Scouts", a group that worked behind enemy lines to disrupt Union communications.   The Scouts wore Confederate uniforms and traveled with passes signed by General Bragg, however if they were captured, they were tried as spies and executed.   Sam was apprehended and among the papers he was carrying was information that could only have come from Union General Dodge.  General Dodge was convinced that one of his own officers was supplying information to the Confederates.

A Union court-martial was held in which Sam was accused of spying.  He plead guilty to being a courier, but plead not guilty to being a spy. 

General Dodge offered him one last chance to save his life by revealing the source of the papers he was carrying.

Sam Davis was hung in November 1863.   His last words were that "I would die a thousand deaths before I would betray a friend"

The home is located on a 168 acre farm where cotton is still grown. 

Sam Davis boyhood home

Sam Davis was born in this house.  It was moved from Rutherford County to this site

Entire Family gravesite with view of slaves quarters in the back

Slave quarters with cotton fields behind them

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