Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cragfont Gallatin TN

We had another wonderful day today site seeing.   I am taking pictures and blogging as fast as I can but the new blog format  sometimes is still a puzzle for me to solve, so it is more time consuming and as much as I would love to  do nothing but BLOG, I have a husband that thinks he needs to eat a couple of times a day.  

We ran across this historic place about 15 miles North of our RV Park.   It is the Cragfont Circa 1785.   I absolutely love the old homes and I am gaining a new found interest in history.   I should have paid more attention to history class while I was in high school I suppose,  but now it is appreciated so much more

The limestone fencing is very common around much of the Nashville area.   Although, I am sure this has been recreated,  there are a few original sections  of limestone fence that is originally from the Civil War era in  Nashville.      

Here again the property was closed for the season but I did some checking online to come up with information.   This was the home of General James Winchester who was a Brigadier General in the War of 1812 and also a leader in the up building of Tennessee, and a founder of Memphis.   General Winchester named his mansion Cragfont  because it was constructed on a rocky bluff with a spring at it's base
It is constructed of Tennessee grey limestone that was quarried right from the property.  The house is furnished with authentic American Federal furniture pieces some of which  originally belonged to the Winchester family.

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