Friday, November 25, 2011

Wobble Wobble Wobble

We enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with Jen and Wynn.  The turkey was soaking in a brine for nearly 2 days and I highly recommend trying that if you have not before.   It was FANTASTIC. 

It was an absolutely beautiful day,  Bob and I took a walk around the neighborhood earlier in the day  so his appetite kicked into high gear.   The poor guy had eaten very little for breakfast, and dinner was quite late,  so he patiently sat at the dinner table waiting, waiting and waiting to eat.    It was well worth the wait

Today, we decided to take advantage of another warm sunny day and do a little site seeing.    Initially, we drove into Lebanon, TN which is the town we are staying near.   The town is a historic town that was built around the 1800's.    We have driven into town several times and have always admired the very small log cabin that is located right on the town square.

Neddy Jacobs Cabin

The town is quite interesting with it's town square circled with antique shops and a historic mill that has been repurposed into trendy retail and office spaces.   The Lebanon Mill has very few tenants however, which I am sure is a sign of both the economy and also it suffered from the floods of a couple years ago.   The investor that renovated the Mill has done a wonderful job of keeping it's original integrity.  I hope it survives.    

We continued on down the road after a few hours in search of a Tennessee State Park that we had wanted to see.   After driving for nearly an hour we finally found the hidden treasure.   The Bledsoe Creek State Park is wonderful with paved level camp spots.   Every time we turned around we saw Deer roaming amongst the grounds. 

  We were thrilled to see that Senior Citizens who are holders of the America the Beautiful passes can camp there for 10.00 per night....what a deal.   Although we probably will not stay in the area much longer, we certainly will make note of  the great park.   It appears that many of the State Parks do not have sewer hook up's but every one that we have seen so far does have dump stations.   

By the time we had meandered around every turn and corner, it was starting to get dark....but we were treated to one last surprise.    I guess if you can't have a White Christmas, there is always a way to get into the spirit !!!!    This was out in the middle of the country.


What a great kick-off to the Holiday season.

We are glad you found us again and stopped in to travel with us.

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