Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Put Another Log on the Fire

Good Morning Everyone,

It is bone chilling cold here, that is all I can say about Tennessee.   I know that we have not gotten far enough south, however, I also did not expect the winter to arrive here quite this early.   I have been watching the temperatures in both Minnesota as well as Michigan and sadly we have had either the same temps or COLDER.   What gives with this little black cloud  following us on this  adventure!!!!  ( I hope that is not chuckling that I hear in the distance from all of our Northern followers)

We have finally figured out the comment dilemma however.   Thanks to Bill in Texas (Anonymous, we know who you are !)   we managed to muddle through the block that was set as a default on blogger.    Now everyone, comment away.....We enjoy you being our virtual traveling companions.   If you care to leave a comment on anything, just click on the word "comment" after any blog entry and a box will open up allowing you to continue.   I know this blogging is a learning curve for all of us but we can do it !!! 

Yesterday we helped Jen to reorganize her storage locker.   As we got into the task, she was regretting what we had started.    In no time at all however we had it done and it gave her a renewed idea of what she has to work with.   It was almost like Christmas...finding things we had forgotten all about.   While she and I worked, Mr. Bob made himself comfortable in one of the antique rocking chairs that has been in the family for years.   What better job for him than supervising....and shaking his head. 

There are promises of sunny skies for this afternoon so here is hoping....

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