Friday, December 02, 2011

Just a simple Hello today

The sun is  shining again which certainly makes for happier travels.    It is however, presently 27 cold degree's, and I am beginning to wonder if we  went  South....or hmmmm.....did we mistakenly head North !!!    Again, we are being promised nice weather and  shall just be patient and wait.

Suffering from cabin fever yesterday,  Bob woke from his nap and his first words were "lets go"  (imagine that..some things are difficult to change)  so off we went  in search of new adventures.   We meandered along country roads and somehow ended up back in Smyrna TN which is where the Sam Davis Home is.    We did see some very scenic views as we drove in the hills but nothing that seemed worthy of a special Kodak moment to share.    We found a wonderful BBQ place out in the country that had the smokers going ...and oh boy, we were in heaven!   I am loving this southern food.   

Jen called yesterday, as we were attempting to get lost,  and was excited to share the news that today she will receive the keys to her new place.    This evening after  moving  a few things in, we will toast her new digs !!!   I am happy for her,  she is so excited for the change.   It has been like "old times" for us, spending this time together.    

Remember the firewood that  I bought?   It is still stacked up and we have yet to enjoy the bonfire.   Between the rain and the winds and then the very cold temperatures, somehow the bonfire lost it's charm.   I guess we will be stacking it up in the basement of the coach and take it with us.   Silly, isn't it?  

Thanks for stopping by and checking up on us....Life is good !  

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  1. Glad you've endured the cold, and made it to warmer climes. Can't tell you how many times I've hauled firewood along with us from one place to another because it was just too cold to have a good campfire!!


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