Saturday, December 17, 2011

Beautiful Day for Sightseeing

This morning when we woke up it was cloudy and dreary, raining with fog.   The temperature had dropped into the 50's and I really thought that it would be a miserable day but boy did I have that wrong.   

Approximately 11am the clouds parted and the sun peeked out from the clouds so we figured we had better get out while the weather was breaking and looked promising.   Not sure which way to go, I headed east this time towards Pensacola.   Shortly after crossing the state line we pulled into the Florida Visitors Center which is certainly a great spot for information.   I don't think I have ever seen such a great display of maps and brochures and it  is categorized by district.  Very impressive. 

   It became quite evident that Florida spares no expense in their visitor center. 

Since we had gotten a late start we decided to make a trip down to Pensacola Naval Station and tour the National Naval Aviation Museum.  Wow it is even free.   The Naval Station is home to the Blue Angels which we heard fly over our RV Park this past week on their practice manuevers.

One of the feisty female greeters actually humored Bob into a wheelchair so that I could push him through the large museum. (Thanks to her, we enjoyed it much more...and I think Bob discovered that the wheelchair wasn't a life sentence afterall.. and he could relax!!!...) She was fantastic!

There are at least 100- 150 restored aircraft on display for viewing as well as a section of hands on models for the children to get a feel for.  I have been to the Oshgosh Air Show in Wisconsin and also an aviation museum in Galveston TX,  but nothing compares to this exhibit.   The Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard artifacts were all present.   I can only imagine the pride a Veteran would feel and the memories that come alive as he or she walk through the museum.

One of the displays was a cutout of the Catalina Flying Boat.   It was in service in the 1930's and 1940's and was most widely used during WW II due to it's long range of flying.  Ithink I will stick with the kitchen in my rolling condo.   I can't imagine the cramped quarters.

There was so much to see and we did not even begin to touch the surface of it.   I would have liked to see the Presidential exhibit as well as an exhibit of a POW camp but we did not have the time.   Hopefully, we can make another trip down there.  Also there are tours at specific times of the day that may be easier for us to take that include display's of the hangers.   All in all it was very interesting but I do believe it is so overwhelming as well for Bob and I that it can only be taken in small bites.

I wanted to get a picture of Bob in the cockpit but I was afraid we may have to call 911 in order to get him out ...he was one "tired angel"   

We also had found the Pensacola Lighthouse and Museum on the Naval Base which we really enjoyed touring as well.   I will have to load pictures of that in another Blog possibly later today.    Right now the sun is shining...and we need to take a walk.

Have a great afternoon


  1. Thanks for the information and pictures. Make me want to go!

  2. Such fun to visit museums like that. Thanks for sharing the great photos.


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