Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ten wheels rolling south

We certainly could be labeled risk takers, however I choose to think of us as living the dream.   Yesterday morning, we went and had Bob's prescriptions filled and hit the road after having breakfast.   Most RV'ers typically hit the road early.  We can't it seems due to the time it takes to tend to Bob's care before anything.   It was after 12pm before we started out...but the important thing is WE STARTED AGAIN!

I only made about 250 miles before I had to stop and rest.  It was quite cold here as well last night but we  boon docked and just kept the generator going keeping us reasonably comfortable.   This winter is sure starting out cold in many parts of the country.

My Verizon signal is so-so here so I will close  until a later time.  We just wanted everybody to know...all is well and life is still moving in the right direction.

Good Day


  1. Enjoy! I am sure you will be watching Bob like a hawk!

  2. You're doing a whole lot more than a lot of other people, so keep doing it! Our prayers are with you.


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