Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pensacola Lighthouse Tour

As we headed to the Naval Air Museum on Saturday, we were sidetracked by the Pensacola Lighthouse that is still operating and shines over Pensacola Bay.   It is also on the Florida Historical Registry.   The lighthouse was constructed in 1859.  During the Civil War the lens was removed  to prevent it from being used by Union ships navigating the waters of Pensacola Bay.

The tower is 160 feet tall and the base is 30feet wide.   It gradually narrows to 15 feet wide at the top.  

The inside houses a gift shop that sells all types of items and is very tastefully done to not alter the original architectural details.  

Over the years the lighthouse has been struck by lighting, shaken by earthquakes, and battered by hurricanes and yet stands proud, guarding the coast.

Rumor has it that it is also haunted.   Ghost tours are held and small groups can climb the 177 steps to watch the Blue Angels thunder across the skies.

The circular stairs go all the way up the tower and at the bottom of this next picture there is a 5 gallon can.   Each night the watchman had to carry 2 cans up to the top in order to keep the light illuminated

Bob climbed up the first flight  of 11 steps and  then discovered that he had another 166 to go...he decided maybe another time !

I shot this picture while standing under the staircase looking up.   I loved the look !

Can you imagine  climbing 177 steps and all  in a circles, not to mention having to climb down also.     

A couple of the rooms on the first floor were depicting what life was  like for the lighthouse keeper.   Very interesting !

As we were leaving I could not help but enjoy the Poinsettia's planted in the flower beds and the unique lines at the rear of the lighthouse.

Can you imagine this being the view from your front yard? 

When can I move in?  


  1. Love the Lighthouse pictures Susan.
    The Poinsettia flowers are beautiful and Dad looks really good to. The warmer weather looks like its helping. I'm glad that you now have visited Florida and left without visiting you know what.

  2. Love that lighthouse, and your photos! That's a lot of stair!


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