Monday, December 12, 2011

Much Warmer Finally

Folks we made it to Gulf Shores yesterday afternoon and warmer temperatures for us.   With all of the excitement of the past week coupled with our decision to keep on trucking,  we made stellar time driving 500 miles in 24 hours.   Whew, we are pooped! 

I made a few phone calls to places regarding availability and happened across a small quiet, clean park on the Styx River.   We are not as close to the Gulf as we had planned but in light of this past medical scare, we are located half way between Pensacola FL and Mobile AL very close to I-10.     It did not take us long to get the hookups taken care of and to meet several of the snowbirds.  It felt like "home" right away. 

We were so tired that it wasn't even 8  p.m. and we headed for bed.    It had been a long trip and I think we were asleep before our heads hit the pillow and even more shocking is that we slept until nearly 9 a.m.   

Today will be a low key day....just lots of rest.   All is well


  1. Glad everything went okay. We're having misty cool temps here.
    Ronnie and Bill

  2. My Parents went to Gulf Shore for many years in their motor home. We went for Spring Break visits for 6 years. You have to go to Tacky Jacks. They have the most amazing omelets. It's a little place of the beaten path on an inland river. Wow this brings back memories :)... Spring

  3. Warm is good. Sometimes, in order to get where you want, the only way is to drive, drive, drive! Then you can settle in for awhile.


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