Monday, December 05, 2011

Moving Day

We have been very busy the past few days getting Jen moved into her new digs.   She is so happy having her own space once again.    Her two cats, on the other hand, are not as enthusiastic quite yet.     The neighborhood that she has moved into is a trendy up-coming area of Nashville that is very close to Vanderbilt University.   I can understand her wanting to be in the thick of things during this stage of her life.   Lots of excitement.

Last night Bob and I bought her a  nice fire pit that also doubles as a grill for a housewarming/Christmas gift.    We took some of the firewood along with us, bought some hamburger, chips, and veggies  and  finally enjoyed our bonfire.   Wow,  cooking over a wood fire sure makes food taste good!   (Burgers and grilled veggies...mmm mmm good)

 I am certain that the neighbors were wondering what on earth had just moved into their neighborhood....because it had started to  sprinkle and here we were sitting around the fire tending to our burgers.  ( Naturally, Wynne had a few comments about  our uniqueness)    I guess it does goes to show the old adage "the nut never falls far from the tree", has some merit.   It was wonderful laughing and enjoying family time. 

So many of the homes now are decorated for Christmas and although there is no snow...the spirit is coming alive.   We will have our Christmas stockings hung and lights strung in our little space too although Santa will have to climb in through a window.  

The rain has moved into the area  once again...this space certainly gets small.   One of my former colleagues once said...Sue, it is almost like living in a jetbridge.   Now I really feel cramped...

Thanks for stopping by and checking up on us.... 


  1. Yummy! Burger and Veggies I'm jealous. I'm happy for Jen and wish her the best of luck in her new home.
    Be safe traveling this week-end where ever the road may take you. Pray for God's directions.
    Love Kim

  2. Finally got to use that firewood, huh? Nice to cook outside, even in the rain. You know that saying: "families are like peanut takes a lot of sweetness to keep the nuts together".


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