Saturday, December 10, 2011

Angels have replaced Murphy

We have fantastic news!    The past couple of days have been nerve wracking to say the least, but Bob was released from the hospital late last night.   I feel like I have been on a roller coaster that would not stop to let me off.    Bob's seizure episode turned into a complete nightmare after realizing that he has had a heart attack.   I remember while he was in the ER the attending physician made mention of heart issues and I was only focusing on seizures.    After a non-stop trail of nurses, technicians, neurologist, heart specialist, lab techs, x-ray techs, etc., he somehow passed the stress test and we were given the green light to continue our travels.   How does this all happen in a short amount of time?  

As thrilled as we are to be back on our feet again, I must admit it has left me somewhat apprehensive.   We are both wanting to continue this trip of a life-time so badly however, that we have decided to truck on.  The attending physicians as well as the fantastic nurses and radiology tech are fully aware of our adventure and armed us with all of Bob's medical records and prescriptions.   I am very thankful for Linda,  yesterday's charge nurse, and the extra mile she went  in making our discharge happen.   

Another HUGE thank you goes to Wendell, the owner of Charlie Tatum campers, in Lebanon TN.   He and his wife Connie have been like surrogate family over this past month, helping me to get us back on the road with necessary repairs.    Folks, if any of the RV Blog readers need  RV work done, and you are in the Nashville area,  don't hesitate in the least to look him up for service.   They are wonderful.    Yesterday afternoon he and Connie  invited us to park at his shop until we knew what the verdict was in Bob's tests since our month stay had expired in the park we called "home".   We have been so moved with  the southern hospitality and shall never forget.  

This morning I will make a run to pick up Bob's new prescriptions, we will hook up the Jeep, say our goodbyes and  head further south in hopes of finding smooth sailing and warmer temperatures.

Thanks for checking up on us...we are survivors !   Life is good.


  1. God is hearing our prayers. Amen! Kim & Rich

  2. Glad to hear that you'll be moving on. Both of you are very courageous.


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