Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Peace and quiet

Yesterday afternoon we got restless and took a drive to Gulf Shores. It was fairly windy and starting to get dark so there was nobody on the beach but Bob and I. How great it was to listen to only the seagulls and the waves crashing on shore. Took a deep breath and just soaked in the sea air.

Although we are further away from the beach than we had originally planned, it is also much warmer where we are and for that we are pleased. I am more than willing to drive a little further and to still have peace and quiet when we arrive back "home". The RV Parks near the Gulf are just too congested for our liking. Being in the thick of things has lost it's charm for us I guess.

I want to say Congratulations to Denny and Geniva in Phoenix on the birth of their first grandchild. Our friendship goes back to the late 60's and have recently been back in touch via the wonderful world of the web. Gideon Vincent was welcomed into this world yesterday...I am surprised that Geniva has not started walking to Colorado in order to get there as early as she could. Go Granny Go !!!

I parked Bob out on the patio this morning in the sunshine and cut his hair. It was so nice to sit and relax today and do nothing otherwise. Still recharging our batteries apparently. Otherwise all is well in our about yours?

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  1. Sure do like to stay away from crowds and congestion as much as possible. It's so much nicer to enjoy the beach with just the two of you! That's what we like, too.


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