Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Little spot of Heaven

We have found a little pot of gold to enjoy for the next month. Riverside RV Park in Robertsdale AL is a very nice quiet spot between Mobile and Pensacola on I-10. The lots are all neatly manicured with cement slabs for parking as well as a patio slab and a grassy area. There are very few here in the park which puts icing on the cake. There are very long pull thru spots as well as generous back in's, with FHU and 30/50 amp power to the sites.

This morning Bob and I wandered around the park and paid a visit to the park's private beach. This is on the Styx River. The river is used for canoeing, kayaking and tubing during times of higher water. A little covered patio with lawn chairs and picnic tables overlook the river as well.

We are still a bit slow in our recuperation but thankfully we have time to do nothing but relax. This RV life is just what the Dr. ordered as far as I am concerned.

Yesterday morning while I was making breakfast Bob walked around the park and what do you suppose he found....yep, what other than a classic car. The man may have great difficulty in speaking and walking but he certainly can sniff out the old cars. This morning on our walk he headed right for the car to drool once again. It will not surprise me to see him one morning talking with the owner and looking under the hood. Great therapy

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I talked with my son yesterday and heard that they have had LOTS of excitement in their neighborhood in Canby OR. About 6pm on Sunday evening an explosion occured in the yard, two houses to the North. Derek had Olivia and Elliot while Liz was at home with Addy and Ian. Derek said that it was very nerve wracking not being allowed to go home until they were escorted in by the FBI. The neighborhood was in lock down while the investigation continues. We are still waiting to hear more about it but thank goodness all is well with them and I guess the kids find this exciting. I know that I am old and at one time would have found this to be exciting too....but goodness, I find it concerning.

The sun just popped it's face out so I think it is time to go and soak up the rays. Life is good
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  1. You are so close to where my dad grew up and I still have family....I'm jealous...

  2. Nan, you will have to motor on down...and sit a spell I would love to hear about your fiber arts.

  3. Dad's famous words "Oh Yeah! Now, Dad that is my type of car you know that. Do you have an extra hitch? I'm sure you could trade something for it. Just kidding! Love you! Kim

  4. Exciting thing do happen in Canby, unlike Boring, Oregon where not much of anything exciting ever happens. Here in Eugene, OR we just try to enjoy whatever is going on!


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