Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Getting ready to roll !

We have had enough of the rain lately and it is starting to become annoying....time to pull up stakes and head out.   Today will be devoted to packing up and organizing the basement bins a bit more before we go in search of warmth and sunshine.   Our plans are to head south on I-65 going through Birmingham AL, Montgomery AL and into the Gulf Shores area for a while.   I have heard good things about that region and hopefully we can give the furnace  a rest.   

We have enjoyed our stay here in Nashville  and it was a good spot for us to call home this past month while we got our feet wet in this new nomad lifestyle.   I can't believe that we have been here for 5 weeks already.    We sure enjoyed being with Jen and her friends...almost like having more kids.   (yikes)  We have been very impressed with the Southern hospitality in nearly every place we visited, not to mention the wonderful food.       

I have noticed that all of the bridges in this area are named after Military personnel or Law Enforcement agents.   I find it interesting and refreshing to see a public "Thank you" for their service given to this country.   Today, is  the anniversary  of another very important day in history.  Pearl Harbor and the beginning of WWII.    Hopefully, we can all find some time today to remember those who lost their lives on that day.

While we are traveling my time gets consumed with not only driving the beast down the road, but also taking care of Bob's needs, which leaves me with little time to be a good hostess to everyone that follows my ramblings.  Please forgive me if the posts become a bit scarce over the next several days until we stop rolling.  

Thanks for stopping by and checking up on us...    


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  1. Being able to roll on down the road is probably one of life's best blessings! You and Bob are enjoying a life that many other people don't understand, but I know what you're saying.


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