Thursday, October 27, 2011

Murphy officially dismissed from the trip

Early this morning I took the Jeep into the shop to find out what our problem was...and a couple of hundred dollars later and a handshake, we were out the door.   As luck would have it...we needed front brakes and a few other minor issues.   Wouldn't you know !   I am surprised however that the needed repair was not seen on recent visits.

We enjoyed a nice evening last night with family celebrating Tim's birthday.   The boys brought a video of one of the football games they had played and we watched it in the comfort of a living room on a large screen TV.   I think all football games should be enjoyed like that.... !!!    Unfortunately, I got so busy during the day cooking and baking that I completely forgot to charge up the battery in my camera so I do not have four generation photo's to share as I had hoped I would.    

Tomorrow is our last therapy session...and we are so ready to say adios for the winter.   I made last minute phone calls today to put vacation holds on the TV, telephone and electric.   It certainly will be nice to not have those bills for 6 months. 

I cannot believe that we are close to leaving...there were days that we thought this time would never come but thankfully we were wrong.   We are ready and anxiously waiting!  I am glad that we decided to leave before it gets too cold.   Although we have a very comfortable coach, they are not insulated like a sticks and brick home.   We will be much more comfortable traveling in 50 degree weather rather than the low 20's like we did last year.   Last November, if I remember correctly, it snowed right after we left Michigan. 

Life will be different this year



Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Another Birthday Party

Today we are going to celebrate another Birthday in the family.   Tim, Bob's son, will be inching up another mark towards that 50 mark.   It cannot be possible that Bob's kids are all getting  close to that milestone.   We are still that age!

This evening we will have four generations for dinner...hopefully I can get some good kodak moments to share.   The newest addition to the family, Payton,  is a real charmer.  She is such a cheerful and happy baby.   Often times when babies are newborns they have to grow into their features...not Payton, she was a beautiful baby right from day one.   A good time will be had I am sure.

I am sitting in the  Therapy waiting room thinking about how this has come to be like home over the past 9 months .   Everyone seems to always be wearing a smile...even other patients waiting for their appointment.   We are so very grateful for all the dedication and patience they have had while we have been in their care.  It is a bittersweet time as we say goodbye to everyone and put all of the therapy into practice.  

I believe we have a travel partner already.  Last night Murphy paid us a visit.   I suddenly am getting a check engine light  on the Jeep so tomorrow into the shop we will go.   I suppose that it is better to have it happen now while we are still in familiar surroundings....but why must it happen at all??? 

The weather is getting colder day by day and the trees are losing their leaves quickly.   I almost feel quilty leaving family and friends behind to deal with winter.  Their day will come.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Just BS ! (Bob and Sue)


Welcome Friends !   It looks like we meet again, back where we started nearly a year ago, before Bob had his stroke.   We have had a very long journey to get back to this point and we hope that God will smile upon us while we continue to live our dream.  

I want to thank everyone that has been following our CaringBridge journal this past year.   I know that Bob has enjoyed hearing everyone’s guestbook entries, however, I personally  want to take the time to thank each and everyone of you that stuck with me and gave me courage and the encouragement to keep up the journal.   I do believe it was my lifeline on more than one occasion.   Thank you so very much !!!

I suppose everyone is wondering why we chose to continue a different journal.    I feel as though the CaringBridge site is such a wonderful gift to people struggling with various health issues. Since Bob seems to have worked his way back to a degree of “normal life”, we felt as though it is only right to give up the web-space we were taking up, and pass the torch onto more deserving families that are living in their daily struggles.   Our hearts go out to them.

Please stay tuned, and we welcome you continuing the journey with us….the coffee pot is always on !!!

Just BS ! (Bob and Sue)