Thursday, October 27, 2011

Murphy officially dismissed from the trip

Early this morning I took the Jeep into the shop to find out what our problem was...and a couple of hundred dollars later and a handshake, we were out the door.   As luck would have it...we needed front brakes and a few other minor issues.   Wouldn't you know !   I am surprised however that the needed repair was not seen on recent visits.

We enjoyed a nice evening last night with family celebrating Tim's birthday.   The boys brought a video of one of the football games they had played and we watched it in the comfort of a living room on a large screen TV.   I think all football games should be enjoyed like that.... !!!    Unfortunately, I got so busy during the day cooking and baking that I completely forgot to charge up the battery in my camera so I do not have four generation photo's to share as I had hoped I would.    

Tomorrow is our last therapy session...and we are so ready to say adios for the winter.   I made last minute phone calls today to put vacation holds on the TV, telephone and electric.   It certainly will be nice to not have those bills for 6 months. 

I cannot believe that we are close to leaving...there were days that we thought this time would never come but thankfully we were wrong.   We are ready and anxiously waiting!  I am glad that we decided to leave before it gets too cold.   Although we have a very comfortable coach, they are not insulated like a sticks and brick home.   We will be much more comfortable traveling in 50 degree weather rather than the low 20's like we did last year.   Last November, if I remember correctly, it snowed right after we left Michigan. 

Life will be different this year



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  1. I agree with you on your choice of football watching! Great to have fun with family.


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