Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Good Morning,

Well, it appears that we escaped the flying bullet here in Nashville.   The prediction was that we would wake up to snow.   Didn't happen, but it is too cool for our old bones to be in an RV.    This entire next week has some very cool nights predicted but also sunshine during the day. 

  We have enjoyed our stay around the area but we are more than ready to have "open window temperatures", and will leave here at the end of next week.  We are still not sure where we are headed next and that is the beauty of this adventure.   We can roll down the road 25 miles or 250 miles....no plans,  just impulse.

I have been trying to figure out how one can leave comments for us within this blog.  It appears there are several options, none of which make any sense to me.   If anyone is following regularly with us and has a solution, get in touch with me...our email address is   justamomentplease@gmail.com  or justamomentplease@hotmail.com      Either one!   

Today, we are going to meet Jen at her storage locker and rearrange everything.   She is only able to use a portion of the stored furniture when she moves into  her new place.   It wasn't long ago that similar decisions had to be made by us, when I left my home in Minneapolis, and it is a very difficult process.    I have a sneaking suspicion that emotions will creep back in again because many of the treasures she has, have been passed down from my grandmothers to my mom and dad, on to me, and now on to her.   Family heirlooms are absolutely wonderful as long as you don't work in the travel industry.   We move too much!   

Hopefully, later this week we can get out and see a few more places when the temperatures warm up a bit more.    I am sure there are some of you that are saying "OK, enough with the history lesson, show us music row, grand ole opry"   We still hope to see that and get some photo's to share.

...Until then.....we hope this finds everyone healthy and happy.   Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Family history is nice, but making current memories is somehow better! Working in a smaller space is a challenge, but it's great to be faced with decisions like you have now.


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