Saturday, October 01, 2016

Time marches on !

I cannot believe three and a half years have passed since I have written a blog.  I owe a deep apology to friends that had been faithful readers, however, I abruptly  realized I needed complete privacy and solitude.   Life was swallowing me up!

I am pleased to say we are still kicking and taking one day at a time.  I hope to get myself back into writing once again as I realize how therapeutic it can be as well as well as how very demanding it becomes.

Our travels, along with the support of family and friends have been a gift from God, and we continue to be grateful for the best of times.


  1. Welcome Back! Good to know that all is well. Several of the bloggers I read have had life changes and a few have stopped blogging altogether. Life does have a way of just happening, doesn't it?

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    2. Thank you Sharon. I have always been up for a good adventure however this journey certainly has had it's challenges. I have continued to read other's blogs all along.

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