Monday, January 07, 2013

One more Senior Citizen


We have enjoyed the luxury of staying in one spot more this year rather than “running the roads” as much as we did last year.   Today was a relaxing day spent lounging at the springs watching fellow RV’ers getting accustomed to their new Sea Eagle kayaks they just purchased.   





Our friends, Randy and Sherri, which we met at the end of last years travel, rolled into Salt Springs last week just in time to celebrate Sherri’s birthday.   If you ask her she will tell you that she isn’t having anymore birthdays but this is not just any old  birthday, it is one of life’s milestones.    She has joined the ranks as an honorary (Junior) Senior Citizen. 

We started off our day and headed to the local restaurant aptly called The Square Meal.   It is the greatest  restaurant offering delicious home cooked meals.   While Randy, Bob and I responsibly ordered a  meal, the birthday girl decided she would celebrate her day and ordered nothing but a huge piece of carrot cake…. Wow it looked good….

I had every intention of taking a group picture but we started chipping our teeth at one another and completely forgot that too…Geez ….

I did, however,  manage to snap a few shots to share in between our gab session



Oh the life we are forced to enjoy……



Have a great day


  1. Salt Springs. What a great place. We loved the Square Meal. Hope you saw our posts about all the fun things we did there. We didn't take out our Sea Eagle but we did float around with the manatees in our hard sided kayaks

    1. I did see your posts of fun things to do, and will be using it for reference. We are really enjoying our time here. We don't have a kayak. Bob has never shown any interest in one but now that I have a bit more free time...I would enjoy the solitude.

  2. Sure am glad to see you back and posting.


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