Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Michigan Hometown Pride ~Allegan


This is a peek at our summer back yard.   I hope you will enjoy the  armchair tour.   Many of my blogging friends, whom I may never meet, have inspired me to continue with my limited chicken scratching's more commonly known as “Just BS!” 

I have enjoyed countless hours reading  their blogs, many of which were  written about local interests in their own back yards.   Although  I had not given any thought to other people possibly taking an interest in our surroundings,  I must admit for a small town of just under 5000 folks, there is a lot of beauty and history.  

Allegan dates back to the early 1800’s and was developed along the banks of the Kalamazoo River.   It served as a  source of water power, steamboat routes and timber production.    A dam and sawmill remain standing that dated back to the late 1830’s.  As the town progressed,  a one lane bridge was erected over the river for easier access to the downtown area in 1886.   It is now known as the Second Street Bridge, but more commonly called the Old Iron Bridge by the locals.

IMG_0314       IMG_0315



We enjoy a very pretty waterfront boardwalk along the river with continuous fountains which are active year round.


Often times, Bob and I will go down to the waterfront to share an ice cream and be carried away by the peaceful sounds of the water splashing from the fountains.  We not only have a waterfront boardwalk but also a great little gazebo where we can enjoy free concerts during the summer months.



When Bob and I got married 6 years ago, one of the things that I loved about this town was the impressive architecture of homes in the Historic District.   We even have a local Bed and Breakfast which  is my type of eye candy.



There are many sites to see around old Allegan, and I have only touched on a couple.   We boast a historic old theatre that still has the original atmosphere and interior with up to date movies.   Although it has been a while since we have gone to one of the movies, it still remains a bargain at 2 for the price of one,  Monday night movies.   I think the last time we went a few years ago it was a whopping $4.00 with free popcorn. 


So I guess after all is said and done, we too, have something special right in our own backyard.  


  1. Thanks, Sue...those are really interesting photos. You've got the right idea...we've never been to your area, and would love to see it through your eyes. Thanks for sharing. Glad to see Bob looking so good in your recent posts.

  2. Great tour of your town. I have never been in Michigan, but I think Allegan will be our first stop when we visit!

  3. Well, that was fun seeing where u live. LOVE that bed & breakfast! that would be fun to stay at!! Was that a family home at one point? Wouldn't that have been fun to live there??? Really like the little Midwest towns with their town squares & gazebos.

  4. Wow! Great Photos Sue! You have a great EYE.

    And now you have just inspired me to take a look through different eyes of our home town and the beautful surrounding area.

    I am making notes for new blog post ideas.

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

    Sharon at Princess and Cowboy

  5. Funny isnt it how we can overlook what is all around us
    Good blog


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