Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Reflections


As we began our southbound trip last fall, I was very moved by this tribute to the men and women that have served this country.  If so many had not given their service so willingly, Bob and I would likely not have had the freedom to travel and see the back roads of this fine Nation.  

Freedom is something I have always taken for granted, however as I get older, I realize the value of  service and most of all sacrificial payment in order for us to enjoy those freedoms.       


Growing up during the Vietnam War era, many  high school friends left right after graduation and sadly never returned.

Although  I never served in any of the Armed Forces,  I remember very well marching in the High School Band for every Memorial Day Parade.   We marched over a 1.5 mile route,  wearing very hot, elaborate wool band uniforms while standing  in formation during the entire celebration and dedication speeches from the Mayor and VFW officers.  I also remember very well the military gun salute which seemed to shake my body all the way down to my toes and small aircraft flying overhead dropping small flags and ribbons to the folks attending the memorial.

I guess my memories and contribution to the many  “hot and humid” Memorial Day  Parades are my way of showing respect and saying “thank you to all of our hero’s” past and present.

Enjoy those freedoms, but most of all, respect them! 




  1. Good post, thanks for sharing your memories.

  2. Hi Bob & Sue,
    I just found your blog, by clicking through from someone else's site because our names and Bob and Susan.

    You hooked me in and I read you posts back through April.

    Also your profile touched me. That is tough that Bob suffered a stroke right after retirement. It sounds like you're handling it like troopers, although it must be pretty hard at times.

    You're welcome to stop by and read my blog too.

    I appreciated the info on your hometown and on the classic car. I was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan and have many aunts, uncles and cousins in Michigan. Hopefully we'll get back there soon. I haven't been there since I was parents moved us to the West Coast when we were toddlers and we didn't have the money to go back to Michigan often.

    My Mom's cousin's husband has a classic car he shows. His name is Art French. Being this is sometimes a small world and you're from Michigan with a classic car, maybe you've met him.



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