Monday, June 11, 2012

One Visitor too many !

There seems always to be a price tag for peaceful Country Living.   Recently, this feller’ has been making himself quite unwelcome though.   Between finding muddy paw prints on the patio screen, getting into the trash can, unearthing my newly planted garden and perennials, not to mention skinny dipping in the pond, one of us will be leaving soon.    The other morning about 6 a.m. he was busy chasing frogs and washing himself up after the frenzy.


I enjoy life in the country but recently the wildlife (Blue Racer snakes and Raccoons) have made life a little uneasy for this hijacked city gal. 

I have been enjoying our wonderful cool early mornings  on the deck  with my  coffee  and attempting to catch an occasional  picture.    Capturing  moments of birds and butterflies is certainly not an easy thing to do, but it has been satisfying my quiet time needs. 




I am still having difficulties with focusing of shots with the 300mm lens.  I am always amazed at the wonderful photography skills of  other bloggers…so I shall continue to practice, as time allows, and be content with the moments of quiet and solitude.

Saturday, Kim and Richard, came and helped Bob and I with power washing the deck and the house siding.   What a wonderful help that is.   I had almost forgotten what can be accomplished by three people rather than one, not to mention two of the three being 20 years younger.   We are so thankful for their help, and besides, it gave Bob a chance to hone his supervisory skills. 

Yesterday, was a well deserved day of rest and much too hot for anything but hit the pool.   We drove about 75 miles to Petra’s (Bob’s second daughter) birthday gathering.   How is it that we are all celebrating our 29th Birthday’s this year?. 

Petra's Birthday
Kim and Petra (center left and center right), Granddaughters Rachel, Samantha, Kayla and Great-grandson Aiden….plus Maggie dog!   

Thanks for checking in with us….life is busy but good.


  1. What a coincidence I just happened to turn 29 myself. It's good see that you youngsters are still having fun at your age of only 29....enjoy, you won't be 29 forever.. luv u guys, see u Thursday, no rain predicted . ; )

  2. A dip in the pool is wonderful on hot days. ahhhh, so refreshing. We will be in Allegan for Michican Fiber Festival in August. Hope to talk with you two in person!

  3. Those raccoons can sure be destructive - and MEAN! Not my favorite animal. Nice picture though and the bird pictures are great. Glad you got some help with the power washing.

  4. Does your 300mm lens have a stabilizer? That makes a huge difference! I think your pictures are quite nice... especially like the frog and the raccoon. Raccoons might be troublesome pests, but they sure are entertaining...

  5. I don't think you should move out just because you like to go skinny dipping! :)


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