Tuesday, June 12, 2012

…..And some problems are solved easier than others….



  1. I hope you move him far, far, far away. :)

  2. One down and how many more to go!!!!

  3. Years ago, we had a trapper set two live traps out back. That night, the dogs started raising a rukus and we raced out on the deck in our bathrobes to see what was going on. There was a racoon in each of the live traps. When the guy came in the morning to pick them up, there was only one! Somehow, the other one escaped. Guy said he'd never had that happen before! Since then, we've got a live trap of our own, and on occasion have had to set it out. Caught a racoon now and again, but mostly possums. Take 'em out by the lake and release them there, since there are others around that area. When there is one, there are usually more, but they range pretty far, and usually you won't see them during the daytime. The last possum we caught was a young one. He went to sleep in the trap and Donna though he was dead. He was just enjoying a little snooze and thought maybe we would bring some more food for him. Glad you had success. Hope it lasts for awhile!

  4. I was wondering if you youngsters have seen my little dog ,he is a dark grey pomeranian very easy to identify, he is wearing a lone ranger mask. If you see him just open your car door he will jump right in . He answers to Gizmo, thanks......

    1. I have not seen Gizmo but I did see that other dark grey Pomeranian wearing a mask...I think he was hitching a ride in Bob's 56...funny thing ..he did just jump in !

  5. Out to the deep woods he goes, huh???


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