Saturday, February 16, 2013

Early Bird Catches the Worm


I am thinking that all of the rest and relaxation we have enjoyed this winter is finally catching up with me and I sometimes find myself up  as daylight breaks.   A few days ago I quietly tiptoed out the door, with camera in hand,  hoping to find something to catch my eye. 

I headed down to the canal  as the sun was coming up over the water.   Until recently I had not seen many birds, however as  days get longer and temperatures have warmed,  there has become more activity.    I suppose, had I gotten my tail-feathers going earlier each day I may well have discovered the activity had always been here….and I was not !

Temperatures have been unseasonably warm this past week with many records being broken, and Bob and I had a few days of getting up close and personal with one another as the rains moved in.   Boy howdy, does this coach get small!!!  

Spring has arrived



There is love in the air


…. outnumbering the neighborhood dogs and cats, walking in pairs down the middle of the road


…even the pesky squirrels look good 


I will let Judy, our bird lady of blog land, educate us as to what bird this is.    All I know is that it was very curious about me and my camera …heck… this one didn’t have a mate, who knows maybe it was checking out my legs, wide body and big beak.     


…and  the  temptation to pick a few oranges almost got the best of me as I strolled with the flock.  


It was yet another good day in retirement.  Life is good !


  1. You may have long legs, wide body, and a big beak, but I don't think you have enough feathers for that Florida sandhill crane. ;)

  2. Thanks Judy...what would we do without you educating us on a daily basis? I am glad to see you are doing so well recuperating after the hip surgery. What is that can't keep a good gal down !

  3. Boy are those great pictures of the sand hill crane. Great pictures all around of your beginning spring. I'm betting it's true that lots of things are happening early in the morning all year round. At least they are almost anywhere we go.

  4. Thanks Sherry. I am very poor with my audubon skills and had to ask Judy. I do know that the birds were not the least bit concerned with me being part of the flock...very enjoyable.

  5. Didn't know that was a sandhill crane until Judy identified it...but I knew I liked the picture!! Great shots.

    1. Hi Donna and Russ
      I guess I am going to have to get myself a book to identify the birds. I only seem to know the common birds...robin...sparrow...finch etc. Thanks for stopping by


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