Thursday, April 05, 2012

Hot Springs Lookout Mountain


What a view we enjoyed from the Observation Tower at Lookout Mountain.  The above photo is a shot of the Historic Bath House Row, taken from the Observation Tower.   I believe that I read it is approximately 1100 feet up (not positive).  

The drive up to the top of the mountain is a series of switch back and pintail curves for about 2 miles.    The dogwoods are in bloom and it was a very pretty drive through the hardwood thickets.   As we climbed slowly in the car we passed a young gal that was jogging up the road.  She was going along at an impressive clip and passed us like a dirty shirt when we stopped for a restroom break

IMG_0163     You can see her chugging up the road…around the bend she went,  and disappeared !

The picnic grounds around the restrooms looked like a great spot for an afternoon retreat from summer heat.


Although the drive to the top is free, there is a small entrance fee (6.00/seniors) to enter the observation tower.   Folks can either climb steps all the way to the top or take an elevator.   The tower is 216 feet high.   Needless to say, we opted for the elevator, but the young gal that was jogging up the road flew up those stairs like she had wings.   


As I was standing and  looking out over the Ouachita Mountain range,  a bird soared  past my eyes.   I don’t remember ever having looked  a bird in the eye while it is in flight.  It just goes to show we are never too old to experience the wonders of nature.   I am just too old to react fast enough for the photo !!!!


The Gulpha Gorge National Campground is located just a short 2 miles from the downtown historic district.  We are camped just above the maintenance grounds you see center left of the highway.  It is a wonderful campground with full hook-ups and bordered by  a sparkling creek.   This is our second visit to the area and we enjoy it more and more each time.


……and around and around he goes…...where he stops nobody knows.


  1. Oh Yeah! I see Dad has on our shirt we got him. I was wondering when he was going to be in a photo with it on. If fits you Dad! Now you can retire the Allegan Tiger Shirt.

    1. Yeah Kim, I get a kick out of him making sure he wears both t-shirts and heaven help me if they are in the dirty wash. Just like a kid

  2. What a great view. That picnic ground looks inviting. As to the young chicky-poo running up the road...good for her...but just remember, she will someday be old too hahaha!!

    1. Donna, funny you mention it but I thought the very same thing ....her day will soon come. We said hello to her as she passed us but there was not even a smile...too bad.


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