Monday, April 02, 2012

Quiet Peaceful Beautiful Morning


Many mornings seem to start with a bang and I many times feel as though I hit the floor running.   Strangely, the past several days have begun on a much slower pace.   I am not sure for what reason ,however,  there is a difference and I am ever so thankful for the change.


We are enjoying another Corp of Engineer’s Park on the Texas/Arkansas border.    This park is considerably larger and busier than the others we have recently called “home”.   Possibly the increased activity has entertained Bob a bit more which has released my responsibility in that area. 

One of the things that has been on my bucket list this entire winter was to simply sit outdoors, enjoying a bonfire, and watching the night skies.   I am pleased to say I can now cross that off my list.   Strangely, as simple as  this may sound to many of our the folks out in blog land,  it became a difficult thing to achieve for us.   Temperature fluctuations are often times a challenge to overcome for a post stroke victim.    In our case, there is no NORMAL.   What often times is cold to Bob is perfect for me..and when he finally warms up I am suffocating.

Yesterday afternoon as the weekend campers  returned to their homes, several had left small piles of firewood behind.    It did not take me long to snatch some of it for my own selfish pleasures…..our own personal campfire.!


Last night could not have been  more perfect.   After struggling with emotional ups and downs lately,  I made the decision to simply do nothing.   “Nothing” turned out to be just what the Dr. ordered.   I managed to build a lazy fire that we enjoyed well after sundown as we sat under the night skies sharing a big bowl of  popcorn.    

Early this morning I came out to find the fire still had some burning embers….and I once again am enjoying yet another fire.     Simply wonderful. 

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  1. Good for you, Susan! Slowing down, doing nothing, enjoying your campfire ... what a great blessing! I'm so happy that you're have a good day today!

  2. Keeping the embers burning ,how great that is. Well you kids keep having fun ,we'll see you soon ....

  3. Glad you had this opportunity. You know... you don't have to cross off a line on your list only once... you can enjoy that same experience a hundred times... and more! Just keep gathering that firewood!

  4. Even though most of us are now called RVers deep down inside there still seems to be a calling that many must answer. Kathy and I find sitting around a campfire a form of relaxation after a day on the road or just visiting with friends even a place for polite conversation and making more plans. We have learned that life is our bucket list and we may not move as fast as the younger folks do but sharing time together by the fire makes it all worth while to us.

    It's about time.

  5. I am so glad you had your "fire time". Nothing like staring at a fire to calm your soul.


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