Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Am I holding the map upside down?

Yes, you are hearing an awful lot of whining and whimpering from this "snowbird". It is just plain cold. I know it is like a broken record hearing about the weather again, but I am amazed that the morning temperature in Gulf Shores is lower than the temperature in Minneapolis, MN. The only saving grace is clear skies, bright sunshine and the promise of this unusual cold front moving out. As I said in yesterday's blog, thankfully it is not 15" of snow!

A comment yesterday from Judy (Travels with Emma) prompted me to post pictures of my new toy. I have never owned a toaster oven before now and I am wondering why I waited so long. My answer seems to always be the same...I don't spend money easily without buyers remorse. This time is different. I baked chicken for dinner last night in it...Wow, crispy, juicy and delicious with nothing but olive oil, garlic powder, Italian seasoning and  pepper. I am sold! So thank you to Judy, I am giving Breville a free advertisement for their Smart Oven.

Unpacking it, I was instantly impressed with the power cord of all things. You know how cumbersome the three-pronged plugs can be? This should be standard on all plugs for us nimble fingered seniors.

The oven is just what the Dr. ordered for cooking meals for 2 with a smaller footprint on the counter top than many of the others.  I was also surprised at how they engineer the oven to accommodate a 12" round pan.   If you look at the picture above, the back wall is round to fit the shape of a pizza stone.   I believe I see an occasional homemade pizza in our future.   The crumb tray is even  removable for easy cleaning...   Needless to say, I am impressed Judy...and thanks for kicking  me out of  the blogging slump.

Bob has just gotten up for the day and it is showtime...have to go now.  Thanks for checking up on us...have a good day.


  1. that is seriously cool. Like you, I am not exactly happy with the convection/microwave oven we have in our rig. still just using the microwave part and would love something like this. Of course, we aren't full time, and have a smaller rig, and I can't for the life of me figure out where I would put this lovely toaster oven. On the bed maybe?

  2. C'mon down, to Southern California where the weather is just wonderful. Up in the 80s today!

  3. Hmm..very interesting. Have you tried making toast in it yet? I'm a big toast fan, and maybe it would fit if I could eliminate my toaster. :)

  4. That's a great looking taster oven. And the plug is the best idea I have seen in a long time.

  5. Hey Sue..putting the toaster oven on the bed gives new meaning to "breakfast in bed" now doesn't it?

  6. Donna, I am not sure whether I am more thrilled with the plug or the top of the oven being used as a plate warmer....I am certainly feeling pampered with it, that is all I know.


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