Thursday, January 12, 2012

Blooming Dashboard

Something other than Bob and I are happy to be in the warmth and sunshine.    My few remaining house plants had been struggling to survive over this past year of turmoil.   As we got ready to leave, I decided to put them in the coach since I knew that I would have more time to devote to them and I find  I seem to need  plants or flowers in my life .   It is silly I suppose, however,  for various reasons they each have a special spot in my heart.   Sometimes I think they are more resilient than I am, because they certainly have been nearly forgotten.   At any rate, I have them with us as well as a few pots of fresh  herbs before they froze.   I absolutely love fragrance of herbs.  Isn’t part of the reason we enjoy traveling via our coaches due to our need for “some of ourselves” with us?.  

We had  an old bedroom analog TV and have been working on upgrading to a small LED  flat panel.    I had been doing some reading online as to how to make the change.   I figured what the heck….I can read and follow instructions so I bought it and started by taking out the old TV…all  went well until it came time to hang the simple wall mount.   Let me tell you, those are only made to hang on a large wall…not a small space like a cabinet that housed a 13” TV.     Bob is good about trying to help however his speech is still very challenging for him.   What an exercise in frustration !!!!  
Our neighbors, Bob and Sharon,  had offered to help me on several occasions since he does all of his own work.   I swallowed my pride this afternoon and finally asked for help.    What a guy!  Between our two brains and  4 hands, we finished in a few hours.    He has been wanting to upgrade to the new digital set for their rig as well so he was happy to see what it would take.   What a difference going from a 13” to  22” makes in a small RV bedroom.   It was almost like going to the movies.  We will enjoy the upgrade.

It was very windy here today and will be dipping into the 20’s tonight so we decided to stay for a few more days until the weather pattern settles down.   It sure is nice not being tied to a schedule. 
Ah the life of retirement.   Have a good day

Afterthought:   Is anyone else having difficulty posting pictures from Picassa?   Within the last couple of days, after I have loaded pictures into Picassa and I go to retrieve them for the blog...they show as a blacked out temp 001, temp 002 etc.   Has anyone experienced this..and does anyone have any ideas as to what have I may have changed to suddenly have this happen?   Tonight, I wrote the blog in LiveWriter in order to include a picture.   Is Blogger giving anybody else grief besides me?


  1. I have learned to swallow my pride and ask for help when I need it. It sure makes life a lot easier for me, although I always try to solve the problem myself first.

    I always use Live Writer, so have experienced no problems. I would suggest you ask RICK at for help with any technical problems you may have. He is the guru for us bloggers as far as tech problems are concerned, and is more than willing to answer any questions and help all who ask. :)

    I'll be leaving a dripping faucet on tonight also as I suspect you will...

    1. Thanks Judy...I am going to try and use Live Writer for a while if I can only remember how to navigate it again. I will contact Rick otherwise. I brought my herb pots inside and yes I will have to leave the faucet dripping as well as much as I hate to do that. Congratulations on your new assignment next spring.

  2. Hmmmm, is there a Live Writer for Mac? I wonder. Have to do some investigating. Pity you with all that cold. Not nice! We are getting pretty close to it, but thankfully not below freezing.

    Mike and Dee White


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