Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Total Relaxation in the Bayou.

It is very easy for me to see the attraction of being a “swamp girl” as one of the restaurant waitresses referred to herself.   It is extremely dark, very soothing and peaceful with no sounds other than the frogs and crickets.
We have been staying in RV parks since first leaving Michigan which cannot come close to the imitation of Nature, like a State Park or Federal Reserve can. 

  The first night, after we arrived,  I didn’t quite know how to handle the sudden change.   In some respects it was almost a bit too quiet, but in no time a sense of calmness set in and I could feel every muscle in my body relax to the sounds of the swamp.   Rain and thunderstorms rolled through the area which was welcoming to clear the  high humidity of the air this morning.

 The spot that we are assigned looks out over a thick covering of trees and underbrush, similar to the view we enjoy at our home in Michigan.   I told Bob that it almost made me homesick (ALMOST).   The sunshine streaming through the tall trees, leaves rustling along the ground  and the crispness of the air…but NO SNOW

We had taken a short walk yesterday between rain drops but then drove along the Boardwalk of Lake Charles.    The waterfront homes are certainly  very interesting  with all of their grandeur.   I, myself, would feel much more comfortable living in their boat houses that  double as guest quarters.  At least I wouldn’t feel like I couldn’t touch anything.   Nonetheless, the views from their front porch are magnificent. 
This morning after a cool start we headed out to explore the rest of the park.   I  wish that Bob’s mobility was not hampered.   I would have enjoyed walking  some of the nature trails.   The park is situated amongst a bayou and signage that cautions frequent alligator activity, it would sure make my day to see one.

Sam Houston Jones State Park  Lake Charles, LA 


We are scheduled to leave tomorrow.  I have found a place in Lake Charles  that is going to do an alignment on the front end.   I am hoping it is just my imagination, but I have a feeling something is in need of attention.   I can hardly wait to spread the wealth here in Louisiana.
Maintenance is a must!

Thanks for checking up on us.  Have a good day

To be continued.................................   


  1. I think it's a good time to break out the Disney DVD movie "The Princess and the Frog". You would laugh so hard with the alligator singer down in the Bayou. I love that movie.

    1. Kim...I think I will go and find the DVD just for a giggle. We are never too old for Disney. Love you!

  2. Replies
    1. Judy when we pulled in...I figured it was your kind of place just from reading your blog. It is peaceful, but as usual our rig is just about too big for the park...we made it in ok..very slowly.

  3. That does look lovely and relaxing. Ditto on the movie suggestion - glad I have grandkids so I have an excuse to watch the animated features.

    1. Donna...I don't think we need to have an excuse to watch animated Disney films...heck, half the time they were written for adult entertainment anyway I think. It was a nice park.

  4. Snow Storm and 17 degrees I would love to hear a frog right now :) Keep safe you two...Spring

    1. Spring...yikes I am sorry to hear about the snow storm and cold. It is quite humid here and probably 68-70!!! All is well for us and anxiety seems to be smoothing out again...Thank goodness. Hello to the church family from us.


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