Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Baby, it is COLD outside

So much for the sun and sand of the Gulf Coast.   We dipped into the 20's last night with promise of even colder temperatures tonight.   When we left home at the end of October, the thermometer dipped into the 20's and then it dropped again a few weeks later while in the Nashville TN area....Well friends, we cannot get any further south to escape the chill.  

There, however, is always a silver lining in life.   We received several phone calls from family in Michigan yesterday, and our home is covered with 15" of that white stuff. Our home is in the snow belt, very close to Lake Michigan, and snowfall often rivals that of Buffalo NY.   Needless to say, we are thankful this cold dip we are experiencing is not accompanied with snow.

I seem to be in a "Blog slump" lately.    I suppose it was bound to happen sooner or later, when I would lose steam in trying to keep up postings  nearly everyday.   I follow several blogs and  I am amazed at the ability of the bloggers to  maintain not only daily entries, but also manage to keep their audience entertained.   My hats off to those very gifted individuals!

Bob and I rarely purchase gifts for one another because we have years of accumulation which seems to have become  more of a burden than a joy.   I did however find one more thing that I absolutely love.   I purchased a Breville Smart Oven since our coach is not equipped with an oven and the microwave/convection is not working on all functions.   Oh my gosh,  I really love it  !   What a luxury it is to warm dinner plates.   I have been missing the ability to bake since being on the road and I am hoping this will satisfy my cravings.  Initially, I shuttered at the price tag but have since rationalized it in knowing we will eat out less and eat healthier !   Isn't it just like us women to rationalize ???

Folks that are full-timers here in the park are busy taking all of the Christmas decorations down.   The wind is blowing and although the sun is shining, like I said it is cold.  I am afraid that with it  past New Years Day or not..the lights would have to remain until a warmer  day.   I am softening in my senior years.

We are so very fortunate to have  the ability and the determination to carry on with our dream of RV travel, even with life's challenges.  It is our  hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season and that 2012 will bring health and happiness to your  doorstep. 


  1. I KNOW!! The cold was totally unexpected when i was in Navarre last winter!! Still went to the beach tho! Discovered i was a diehard shell collector :) Spent alot of energy in keeping warm too!!

  2. How about a picture of that new oven?


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