Thursday, January 19, 2012

Great Maintenance News

We got up early this morning, unhooked the utilities and stowed things  in the coach to make it road ready.   We are getting much better at that task if I do say so myself.   We seem to have found a system and I am tickled to death that Bob is  getting into the routine and able to help more each time we roll.   Without a doubt it is good therapy for him to participate and although we check and recheck one another’s steps, it is proving to be much easier.   Our anxiety level is smoothing out more and more each day.
The couple that was parked next to us the past few days were from MN of all places.   I went over and said hello to them as we were both getting ready to leave.   They have been bobbling across the south like we have and are headed toward Texas as well.   Small world ..their house is in a northern suburb of Minneapolis probably 25 miles from my home.

Last night I baked a batch of cookies in the Breville Smart Oven.  WOW!  They came out much better in that little oven than they ever have in my big oven at home.   I am impressed to say the least.   Sometime, I would like to bake bread and see how it does.   I think just for experimentation purposes, I will buy some of the frozen dough and test it out before I go to all the bother of kneading a batch by hand.   I can honestly say I never thought I would like it as much as I do.   It makes cooking fun again. 
I took a quick picture with my phone and it didn’t turn out very well but at least here is “proof in the pudding”…they are baked.


We just finished getting the coach aligned and I was ecstatic that it was a minor expense, however, the recommendation to get new tires was not.    Over this past week I discovered how to tell when your tires were made.  Here is a little FYI for those folks like me.   Since, RV tires never seem to wear out before they become damaged from sun exposure, I had not given much thought to the matter.    Well, low and behold, big mistake.   The tires on our coach were 10 years old.    There is a four digit DOT number on the sidewall of the tire, that indicates month, day and year of manufacture.   Ours was 4402…Yikes…Not safe due to sun-checked condition, although the tread is very ample.    To make a long story short…we are in fact helping the economy in Louisiana.    All in all, I feel much safer now.     We are dry camped in the fabulous Walmart RV RESORT until tomorrow afternoon when we  leave the area with new rubber all the way around.    Somehow, it just doesn’t measure up to the peace and quiet of the state park.

It is my understanding that winter has returned to our home state.   I am sorry and I feel your pain, just not enough to come back for a few more months.   We will see you in the spring.
Thanks for checking up on us…. have a good day.


  1. Nothing like a new set of tires to boost your confidence. A blow out is one thing that always concerns me. Enjoy the Walmart RV Resort!!

    1. Donna...yeah, remember how as kids we always thought we could run faster, jump higher, kick harder etc with our new PF Flyers ? That is kind of how we feel now,and I do feel more confident of safer travels now.

  2. You were very luck to have tires that old not blow out on you and it was a wise decision to change them.

    A little correction on how to read the DOT number. Unlike some manufacturing that will tell you the date and even the hour of the day their product was made tires do not. The numbers you indicated are the last four digits of a long number. The first numbers indicate the manufacturer and then the plant number of the manufacturer that produced the tires which are not really important unless you might be suing the company for number of reasons. The last four digits are the ones you indicated. The first two indicate the week of the year 44 was probably the first or second week of November. The last two digits are the last two numbers of the year they were produced 02 = 2002.

    When buying new tires before the dealer puts them on check that the tires are no older than 1 to 1 1/2 years from the date they were produced and that they are of the proper load range for your vehicle. Even new unused tires on the shelf are aging and after seven years you are running on luck. The compound the tires are made from will actually break down quicker sitting still or on a shelf then rolling down the road.

    Keep those wheels turning having a safe and happy trip. Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Rick thank you so much for the information. I am not sure how I arrived at the idea of first numbers being a month, but your explanation does make much more sense, although I was aware of tires breaking down if they are not rolling. The dealer and I already had the discussion about the DOT number on the new tires and I will make sure they are of a recent date. There is so much to give consideration to with these machines and I am enjoying learning as we go even though sometimes I have to hold a little heart to heart chat about anxiety with myself. I think I have caught some of yours and Kathy's insomnia tonight. It is almost 3 am and I up wide awake and bushy tailed...go figure!

  3. sure do love the looks of that little oven! If we go on the road next winter for more than six weeks I am going to have to find a place for it in the MoHo!

    1. Sue I am tickled with the oven as you may well tell. I thought your past idea of putting on the bed ...was a good sure gives new meaning to breakfast in bed now doesn't it? How does it feel to be back home again? It sounds like your trip to the desert was enjoyable and meeting up with some of the other bloggers is just icing on the cake. Here is to an early spring!


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