Saturday, January 07, 2012

Old grey mare ain't what she use to be!

I finally finished washing the coach.  How can it be  when the time comes to wash the rig, it seems as though it has gotten a few feet  longer and several inches taller, yet on a rainy day, it shrinks?    In the past I have usually  washed it all a once, making for quite a big undertaking.  Thankfully this time I got smart and realized...hey, I have retired and it is legal to slow down.  I took it slow and easy taking two days to finish.

There is such a great feeling of satisfaction when a  shine is back on the beast.   I don't  remember the last time that I was able to wash a vehicle in short sleeves during  the first week of January, so somehow the workout my shoulders got is not quite so painful.   As Martha Stewart would say, " It is a good thing"

Recently, each night,  thick fog has rolled in and hangs heavily until  mid morning.   I have enjoyed the blanket of quiet and peacefullness that comes with it, but I am not sure I would care to have a steady diet of it.   I noticed as we had occasionally crossed  the causeway into Mobile, AL one of the signs cautions of fog.   We had not seen any sign of it until now.    It reminds me of a fall day in Minneapolis when fog fills the Minnesota River Valley.  

Speaking of Minnesota, I talked with my  girlfriend  Sharon yesterday, and she said it was 45 degrees, no snow and beautiful.   Bob's family in Michigan was also enjoying 40+ temperatures and we hear reports that all of the snow we got at our home there is nearly gone.   On more than one occasion, we have had colder temperatures here in Gulf Shores than our friends and family have had in the North.   Strange winter!   I do take comfort in the fact however, we can rest assured that the likelihood of us having to shovel snow, is very slim. 

We have enjoyed our visit to this area and the time has come for us to ROLL.   I have been checking places on the map, reading fellow RV blogs, and trying to figure out where to go from here.   It looks like we will keep the wagon train headed west.  After Bob's last hospital visit, I had been cautious, and now  I  feel a little more confident with proceeding  ahead with our plans.   Soon after we got our feet back under us again, we made the decision to enjoy our travels for as long as we can...for tomorrow is never a guarantee!   Foolish??? or Brave ???

Thanks for checking up on us.  Have a good day!


  1. Neither foolish nor brave, just adventurous!

    Say, have you met another couple from MN while there? I think Denny and Fonda are staying at Gulf Shores as well. They volunteered here at MS Sandhill last year with me.

  2. Being cautious is always good but that doesn't mean you have to be in one place. As long as you know locations of physicians and hospitals along your way, you should be fine.... Just my opinion since I travel with a hubby with emphysema and atrial fib.

  3. Good for you for getting the wash done!! That's a big job and not always fun but it sure looks nice when it's finished.

  4. I like my little house and being around friends and family, but oh those pictures of the beach really make me envious!! :) We are never satisfied, huh?

  5. Great that you got the motor home all washed! The fact that you decided to take two days to do it is a good thing!! That lesson is hard to learn, sometimes, but it's a good one. I like my little sign: "I'm retired, go around me!" Roll the wheels, and enjoy the journey. You're doing what's right for you, and doing it while you can. Keep doing it.


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