Friday, February 17, 2012

Alamo and the River walk

We have been taking a vacation from the vacation.   Our entire winter has been enjoyable seeing so many sights and experiencing new things almost everyday since we left Michigan in October.     We never had given any thought to the possibility of spending three days in a nice hotel with all of the bells and whistles.

A friend and his family could not make the flight to San Antonio after prepaying the hotel (which also was not refundable).   Heck, we decided rather than make daytrips  into San Antonio, we would just pack  ourselves up and use this time as a break in the action ourselves.   I am glad we did because it has probably been much easier on the both of us having a place to rest during the day.  

The weather wasn’t very kind with quite cool temperatures and sometimes heavy rain but none the less we  still had a good time touring the Alamo.    The pictures didn’t turn out very well unfortunately due to the weather, but maybe just the fact there is no snow in them and some flowers are in bloom, you may enjoy them anyhow..

I was able to get a quick snap of the Alamo in between downpours…

P1010287You can see the spots on the lens…we were soaking wet all day.


The patina of the limestone in many of the buildings in downtown San Antonio is just beautiful.  It is art to me !


The giant Oak trees and the cactus gardens  on the grounds are artwork  in themselves as well.




By the time we walked along the River walk, it was pouring and we were getting tired.  Bob had not only walked over a mile but he was determined to go up and down steps rather than use the elevators down to the River.

P1010308He must have climbed up and down four flights of steps.  I admire his moxi.P1010292LOOK MA…….NO ….CANE !!!! 


Large Mosaic depicting San Antonio history. 



We could have enjoyed a ride but somehow it would not have been the same…..

another great day in retirement!!!!


afterthought: We found that if folks are coming to San Antonio, rather than paying for expensive parking, day passes on  public transportation can be purchased for 3.75/day.   In our case, being that Bob is  disabled, the handicap hanger qualified us for free parking in the City Lots.   


  1. did Bob have his cane measured and fit for him? From the photos, it looks too long. It should be straight up and down and at his side. Much safer that way

    1. Nan, I think it is the way he uses it. Sometimes, making suggestions don't always go over very well. He is his own man!

  2. The pictures were lovely as always. It seems to draw you there in your mind each time.
    I'm glad that you had a good time on your vacation away from your vacation.
    I think Dad earns a gold medal for sure!

    1. Kim, he did very well today. I guess his stubbornness is working for him because he is determined to walk more and more without the cane. You know there is no telling him otherwise..!!

  3. Bob looks like he is making progress. He sure seems determined. Loved your photos. You got some good ones despite the rain. I remember how it rained when we were in San Antonio years ago. It came down hard and fast and filled the street gutters very quickly.

    1. He seems to be doing well. I think he had a personal goal to come home walking more independently without the cane, so yes I guess he is making progress. When it rains here it rains "sideways" I am sure it still isn't enough but maybe the creeks and stock tanks will get some relief.

  4. Great pictures. We were there with friends a couple of years ago. Bob's stamina must be amazing! I can imagine that being able to go to a close by hotel was a lot easier on the both of you after a day of sight seeing.

    1. I will say that his stamina and determination is what has gotten us back onto the road for the winter. I know that things are challenging yet, but we are still putting one foot in front of the other.

    2. He looks like he is doing good and looking good.Sue i enjoy all the pictures you send,Its like being there with you.


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