Saturday, February 25, 2012

Whole lot of nothing going on

Sometimes I think that we wear ourselves out trying to do too much.   I seem to need more downtime lately than Bob does.   I imagine most  is due to the life changing situation that we are currently living.    Today, I drove into Bandera to the City Park that borders the Medina River.   I could have just found a nice sunny spot to watch the river flow.    I am not sure which was lazier, me or the river. 

I usually have the camera with me at all times and today we found a perfect spot for pictures.  I could tell by the bare ground around the area that this tree has seen many many different faces for those special Kodak moments.


It took a little doing to maneuver ourselves into the hollow of the tree, but we made it.


Gee, it looks like we are in pain though doesn’t it?  So, we tried another spot …


A little better, but still no smile…

Oh well there is always another day.

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