Saturday, February 11, 2012

Meandering here and there

Growing up as a child I fondly remember the family past time of “going for a ride”.   Mom and Dad would pile us four kids into the back seat and off we would go, with no particular place in mind.   Although today I don’t seem to recall any of those places,  the memory that has remained with me is the total absence of sound when Dad turned off the car.   He and Mom would say to us kids, “just listen”!    Recently, after bumping along the dusty ranch roads,  I find myself turning off the car and totally getting lost in the deafening  sound of silence once again. 
For a while yesterday, it was just Bob and me and the Buffalo.

There is something about this Hill Country that is tugging at my heart strings.   Maybe it is the wide open spaces or the quietness of small town living I am not sure, I do know that it is someplace south of the tension line for us.    
As we veered off onto another country road and yet another small town, Bob’s old eagle eye  spotted classic cars in many backyards and lean-to garages.   We each have our own personal therapy and this is a sampling of Bob’s love.

Clear Creek ~ Comfort
Further on down the path, we stopped at a historical wayside and found this gem.  It was a creative and booming business of it’s time.  
I am not sure but I suspect this was the shop in which the baskets were sold.    I could easily just bring a toothbrush and live here.  My kind of place ! 

A few miles on down the road was a wonderful find Comfort TX,  yet another antiquer’s paradise.   My only wish is that I had found some of these places while my mother was still alive.  She was my best friend especially when it came time to rummage for the antique treasures.  I know she would have loved this area as much as I do.


We found the most enjoyable diner to grab a bite to eat..the 7th Heaven Café.    Wonderful food and the gals that run the café were such a delight to talk with.   There just are not places left that the proprietor sits and visits with their guests.    We arrived as guests and left feeling like family.  How wonderful!
I guess there is no getting around progress, yet somehow the cars of today detract from the experience.    I vote we have parking lots separate from the historical dwellings.

One final spot for the day we found quite interesting.   If the modern conveniences of today’s lifestyle are too much to handle…there are options available.    The Guadalupe River is enjoyed for a price.   Camping at it’s finest!
One final option…goes to show, there is something for everyone.
Yet another great day on the “road trip of a lifetime”


  1. Love your pictures! My favorite is the tree house. Not only would I have loved that as a kids, I'd still love it today! Looks like you had a wonderful outing.

  2. Looks like you had a beautiful day for "going for a ride."

  3. There is no shortage of housing options in that little town.

    It's nice to look at some of the things we grew up around at our grandparents home. Now fast foward to today can you imagine what our Grandchildren think of when we tell them what we grew up with.

    It's about time.

  4. Maybe we could draw straws for that house? Beautiful pictures.

  5. I had no idea that there was an actual use for armadillos! Would love to see one of these baskets. In all my years of antiquing in Ok. I have never run across one.
    Great little place to visit. Will have to put it on our list.


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