Tuesday, February 07, 2012

The Open Road and Single Women!

Thanks to longtime friends,  they sent a link to me for a program that aired on CBS This Morning.   I thought that I would share with my blogging friends that may have missed the program.
…and to think that CBS paid a visit to Bandera TX as well as the famous  "Q"  for material…What a hoot !


Life is good


  1. great story Sue. Be Safe and enjoy!!!

  2. My only objection to the video is the statement that most of us travel in groups together. I'm not sure how true that is, and personally, I've never run into any solo female that puts out men's boots or a dog dish with a big chain. Jamie wrote that book some time ago and has since remarried, so I'm not sure how in touch she is with present solo females. JMHO

  3. Just found your blog today... Hey... the title could fit me and Bill ;-) Love the totem pole picture... now I'll have to catch up with the blogs.


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