Wednesday, February 01, 2012

If Walls Could Talk

Over this past week in Bandera we have taken many drives through the hills and town roads taking in the different architecture unique to this area.

A recent trip, just wandering around, took us into the limestone hills that hug the town of Bandera.  We enjoy the roads that are like a rope  drawing us into a new adventure.  After spotting a small sign that said “historic district”, that is all that I needed to whet my appetite.   There was only one small sign and no other directions but we kept on  creeping along. 

  I am certain that we have annoyed more than one Texas resident with our slow driving and looking.   The posted speed limit is 70 around here and boy, do the locals stick to it.  Lets just say, the gentle cowboy disappears behind the wheel.  
High into the hills we found another treasure.  For some reason which I don’t understand, there is very little information about the Silver Spur Dance Hall and when I have inquired with the locals about it, the comment is often “I don’t know”    I find that somewhat strange in a town of this size.   Maybe, could it be a black eye for the town?

I believe the property must be in private ownership because there were several “no trespassing” signs posted.   We honored the signs however not before getting a few pictures to share.  

The only information that I have is that it was once a honky-tonk and dance hall back in the 40’s and 50’s, that burned down in the 60’s.   Rumor has it that Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash played here in their younger years.


Burned remains of silver spur

Remains 2

Unfortunately I do not have a fancy camera with lenses, so the long distance photo’s are difficult to see.  As I had said, the no trespassing signs were posted very clearly and we honored them.  

I was very surprised to see a few of the rock cottages were still standing and it appeared as though folks were living in them.

Whoever had posted the signage however had forgotten this little place I found back in the brush.  


Cottage Remains 2

 I believe that I saw mention of the fact that this possibly was at one time a brothel.  Hmmm? Could that be the black eye?

If Walls could only talk!

We hope you enjoy the view across the Hill Country.Hill country


(NOTE:  Click the pictures to open into a larger and clearer view)
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  1. Isn't it fun to just poke around and come across treasures? Love doing that....

  2. Interesting tour. I bet you had a good time exploring that bit of history.


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