Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Who ever said Texas was flat????

The temperature was flirting with the 70’s mark, the sun was shining, and we were chomping at the bit to go exploring again.
Our neighbors told us to go through Medina to Hwy 337 and enjoy the ride through the hills to Leakey (pronounced Lakey).   The highway was in excellent shape and best of all there was hardly any traffic so intense gawking was enjoyed.  
After the intense rains of this past weekend, the air was fresh and clean allowing things to green up a bit and we even saw the beginning of a few wild flower blossoms.
The highway goes through a pass that is referred to as the Swiss Alps of Texas.   It was breath taking!   I only  wish that my digital camera could capture what the eye is able to see and the incredible sounds of silence.  

Many of the road signs  warned of sharp turns,  with little, if any,  shoulder to use for emergency.
Building that highway must have been accomplished with Donkey’s because  the sides were either straight up  or straight down.   Bob kept saying “Oh Wow”
  It sure was fun driving up and down though.   Along the way, as we were climbing one of the hills, a sign stated that 12 motorcyclists have lost their lives on this highway since 2006.   Use caution!    We saw lots of bikers ignoring the warning and enjoying the hills and turns at a good clip.    This area is soon to be filled with bikers for the Thunder in the Hills bike rally.   I, for one, am happy we could enjoy the peace and quiet  today.
On the other side of the hills, in Leakey, the area  is very popular with cabin and cottage rentals along the Frio River even though the small town  has only a population of 423.   I am certain they are not for the budget minded vacationers though. 
Naturally along the way, I found a few more places that I could just move into and be as happy as a clam.  Do you think that I may have been born 100 years too late with my choice in housing?
Just look at those hills in the background.  Another beautiful day in retirement…..
Thanks for checking up on us.


  1. Not only do we feel we were born too late but wondering why it took so long to realize it.

    It's about time.

  2. You are finding some pretty spots in Texas.

  3. Susan, these pictures make for awesome desktop and screen savers. Thanks, I will enjoy each day at work.

  4. Great Pictures! My favorite is the old log cabin (church?) with the cupola. Makes me think of some of the deserted farms in my part of SE Ohio.

  5. Gives me a whole different view of Texas. Very enjoyable tour and pictures...thanks.


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