Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Enough Said!


I have been dealing with medical frustrations lately and my sister in law was kind enough to lend this to me for the blog.   So very appropriate !   I hope that Sherry and David of “In the direction of our dreams” will see this as well to help them in their current battle with life’s challenges.  


Lately, I have been trying to set up future Neurology appointments for Bob after we get home.   How frustrating!   I have to ask myself just how does one go about providing efficient care as a care giver when the medical community sets up so many roadblocks.    I cannot make an appointment for the Neurologist unless we are given a referral by our primary doctor.   He will not give the referral until he see’s us again and presently the scheduling for the Neurologist already has a backlog of several months.     The Neurologist as well as the primary physician needs medical records from our hospital stay in Nashville, which they have yet to send. (no rush, that was only the 7th of December)  

Now I ask…how do we do it????  


  1. Try threatening them with a lawsuit for withholding personal medicalcare and the records actually belong to the patient.

    It's about time.

  2. Sue, that is called FROGING. FULLY RELYING ON GOD.

    Now for your situation. Are you in a location for a while? Could you visit a Physician where you are at this time and get a referral for Bob from him?

    What about sending a registered letter to 1. Nashville Hospital's medical records department AND the Hospital Administrator? If that does not work, contact a Nashville TV station and tell them your problem. That will shake up everyone.

    Just for what it's worth. Good Luck.

  3. So frustrating. I hate being caught in the clutches of the medical system. I have to say for the most part I think the fault lies with the insurance bureaucrats and not with the doctors. But frustrating all the same. The previous two commenters have good suggestions. Good luck.

    1. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I will be contacting the hospital in TN again to build a fire under them. I don't have much patience for inefficiency I guess when I had made certain all papers were completed to have Bob's records transferred. We sure pay alot of money to get little in return.



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