Thursday, February 09, 2012

Progress ~ Slow but Sure


Poor Bob looks like he is mad at the world …really though he is enjoying the walk.  The weather has  been a bit more  seasonal recently, so getting out and walking has not been easy for him.   Yesterday, the sun reappeared, the wind died down, and the rain moved on.   We walked nearly 3/4 of a mile,  which to most people is not much, unless  you happen to be a stroke survivor.   The area that we are visiting is referred to as  the Texas Hill Country, and that it is, so the short distance is  compounded with steep hills.   We had just climbed down a fairly steep hill, the sun was warming up and I foolishly had not brought water.  He was getting tired. 

The park we are staying in for the month is in the country surrounded by hills and ranches, and  considerably off the beaten path.   It is very quiet and peaceful   walking,  soaking in the  sounds of silence with  an occasional resident rooster chatting it up.      I can’t remember when we have seen so many deer, some very small deer called the axis deer, white tail deer, and a variety that looks like an antelope.   They  mingle in with the goats, sheep, donkey’s,  and even saw them with a pig.   Friendly bunch they are.

Now I say, was this reminder necessary????

Whoa Pardner, slow down and enjoy life.


  1. Yes the progress is slow, but as time passes and Bob is able to push himself a little more things will definitely start to speed up the healing. From yesterday's picture to some we have seen in the past it does look like Bob is making great progress and is looking better as well. Has he tried sqeezing a small sized sponge ball? Not only will it help his hand but will restart muscle toning in the arm.

    Anytime you go for any walks no matter how short or how cool it may be carry water as even in the cold it is easy to dehydrate.

    Keep up the good progress Bob and Good Luck to You both, maybe someday our paths will cross.

    It's about time.

  2. So glad to see Bob out and about. We're pulling for him. I loved all your pictures today - well maybe except for that sign LOL!! The donkey was my favorite.

  3. I thought / think Bob looks much better! He may be tired, but his looks are an improvement from the last time I saw his picture. You Rock Bob!

  4. oooo, that sounded sorta bad. I meant to say that he looks stronger and more healthy! Is that better...

  5. Keep on keeping on, Bob. Sometimes I have trouble doing 3/4 mile too! It's always good to stop and 'smell the roses'.


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