Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bluebonnets have arrived


I had been hoping that the bluebonnets would bloom this year especially after suffering such a hot,  dry summer last year. 

They have arrived! 




I don’t believe I ever get tired of seeing these wonderful little gems.   It is probably my all time favorite flower.    Years ago when I lived in Dallas,  I remember the thousands of blooms mixed  with Indian Paintbrush along the roadsides and it was such a pleasure seeing them as I drove to work.   I am happy to be able to enjoy them once again before we have to head North again.    I really enjoy the texture of the blooms against the limestone and driftwood.    The grey of the driftwood almost made them appear more blue. 


As we were meandering through the countryside, we also happened across a field of small yellow flowers which made the texture and color of the cactus just pop.   Naturally, the camera doesn’t do it justice.




Do anyone of our blogging friends and  readers have a suggestion of software available for stitching panoramic photo’s?   Has anyone used the freeware program Auto stitch successfully?


We are enjoying our final days here at Stillhouse Lake near Killeen TX.    The lakefront campsite has been so extremely relaxing for us that  we actually  did very little site-seeing.   I had hoped to check out a few of the museum’s and to pay a visit to Ft. Hood Army Base but between the winds and heavy rains….we just became “bumps on a log. ” 

Thursday we begin our journey in the northbound direction once again.   Although we take our good natured time along the way, (we will not be back in Michigan until late April) it still is  sad for me knowing that this season of being snowbirds is soon coming to a close.   We have driven many miles of back roads and enjoyed many many different places.   It isn’t until I look back through the photo’s I have on Picasa that I marvel at everything this country has to offer.   We feel extremely fortunate to have the means as well as the energy to travel given Bob’s health challenges.   God has been good and has kept watch over us during our travels.  

Life is good      



  1. We have been in Texas quite a few times and have always missed the blue bonnets. You would think living in Oklahoma that we should see them sometime! Safe travels back home!

  2. I love the early spring flowers - the colors look so bright after the dullness of winter. Photoshop Elements 10 has a panorama stitch feature. Have to admit I haven't used that feature yet as I am so used to using my old program, Digital Image, that I keep returning to that for stitching. I'm sure Elements would do a fine job as I like everything else it does.

  3. I look forward to the day that I can see the Bluebonnets! It is amazing how much there is to see in the U.S of A! Enjoy your slow trip home.


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