Sunday, March 25, 2012

Enjoyable Frustration


I have been making an attempt at figuring out how to navigate our new camera.   Yes it is fun, yet frustrating.   I have never owned a telephoto lens which was my first reason for upgrading the camera and  I am having a dickens of a time getting photo’s to focus.   It seems either I have the the settings too far or too close…but never just right.   I guess patience will be needed…though I was hoping for better results.

Last night we did enjoy  a great sunset over the lake and caught a few quick shots before the show was over.



This morning blue skies and warm temperatures lured others onto the lake as well.  There is something special about seeing sailboats on a lake.


As you can see…some things are in focus..while others are not….   Any suggestions and hints are welcome from  the peanut gallery….What am I doing wrong?IMG_0013-001  


Back to the drawing board!!!


  1. I have a Canon although I opted for the fixed telephoto( SX20IS so I didn't have to carry any other lens and it had a power zoom to go in and out, my lens goes from 30mm-100mm which covers most I would ever want to shoot, number one when starting out make sure the lens and the camera are both set on Auto that should cover the blurriness, yours might say AF for auto focus, either way you need to make sure that is enabled and you shots should improve right away. I made the choice between Canon and Nikon because I saw a lot of sporting events photographers were carrying Canons.The booklet that comes with them isn't much help but there should be a DVD with it with some PDF files that will include a complete manual, that will help if you download that Manual to your laptop. Have fun, it won't take long . Sam & Donna..

  2. Neat pictures. Sorry you're struggling with that lens. I think you're getting the hang of it alright. If you keep reading the things mentioned in the above comments, and keep working with it, you'll have it under control. In the meantime, just keep shooting those wonderful pictures! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Most cameras with an automatic focus will focus on the nearest subject. The scene with the sailboat had a twig in front of it in perfect focus. The way to get past that is to zoom on the boat itself. Another problem most people do is depress the shutter and start to move the camera thus blurring the picture. A quick fix is depress the shutter and count to yourself 1,001 before you move. Both those tricks will help your pictures and confidence improve dramatically.

    It's about time.

  4. Yes, Yes, so much to learn. I still am working on the telephoto focus thingy and I have been shooting a very long time! maybe the real technique is to throw away most of the photos! Long ago in a photography class, I remember being told if you got one good shot in a hundred, you were doing well. Enjoying watching you enjoy your new camera, Sue

  5. When you get home we will go over depth of field...That's what is happening with your photos. Sometimes we like it and some times we don't :)...Spring


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