Saturday, March 03, 2012

Oh the Life !


Tax free lakefront property complete with electricity and water, sunshine, no crowds,  covered dining room table, outdoor grill, private sunrises, wake up to the sounds of birds and water.    Does life get any better?  


Although we have enjoyed wooded areas, cactus, rocky hillsides, wildlife and wide open spaces for the past six weeks, time was moving on and we needed to move with it.   I have experienced  a bit of sadness with leaving each place that we have called our home and yet we look forward to another adventure around each corner.    Life can be  full of emotions, memories, change and happiness all within minutes.    It is no wonder why we need to stop and smell the roses in order to recharge our internal batteries.


Our new front yard is certainly a 180 degree change from what we have been enjoying recently.   The Ocean in Gulf Shores was very enjoyable, however, in some ways the constant crashing of waves onto shore didn’t offer the peacefulness that the Corp of Engineer lands provide  for us here and now.  



Our plans have changed a bit.  As we left the Hill Country, our plans were to shoot up to the Dallas area in order to catch up with folks.   Sorry dear friends, but I couldn’t pass up the temptation of relaxing in the sun and sand around here in  Killeen, TX for the next couple of weeks.   I had no idea there were so many Corp of Engineer parks to choose from in this region.    This may prove to be great “snowbird” territory for our bucket list next year. 


My daughter Jen called last night and sent a picture of the golf ball sized hail that hit the Nashville area.   She was breathing a little easier about the fact that she currently is not a homeowner, and we are breathing a lot easier knowing that we were no longer camping there.  


This is what fell in the area…and that is after melting indoors for 10 minutes.   Yikes..that could do some serious  damage  to anything it strikes.   It just goes to show….don’t fool with Mother Nature.


Thanks for checking up on us, have a good weekend.


  1. Like you said Kathy and I are glad we are no longer home owners as well.

    Luckily we are north of you daughter's and glad we didn't get that here.

    It's about time.

  2. One severe hail storm outside of Austin, TX, a few years back was enough for me!

    Enjoy the Corps parks.

  3. Sometimes the unexpected that interupts our plans makes me wonder if making plans is necessary... the best thing about living on the road is the flexibility.... enjoy!

  4. Yikes is right - that is some serious hail. Your current spot looks so peaceful and relaxing. Hope you enjoy it to the max.


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