Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Texas Tumbleweeds


Wow, first the wind blows from the North nearly pushing us off the highway, and now it has quickly shifted from the South nearly rolling  us into the lake.    The sudden changes in wind direction reminds me of the old, dried up tumbleweeds rolling back and forth across the highway.  Could that be our fate?  Turkey Vultures are already circling.

Yesterday was a picture perfect day as we sat in the sunshine  with Floyd and Cindy, who were parked next to us.   Last evening they invited us to join them with their daughter celebrating Floyd’s birthday.   Floyd’s choice was  BBQ.  Great food!   Bob managed to eat nearly a pound and a half of ribs along with all of the trimmings, Cole slaw and potato salad.   Needless to say  I am serving him meals on the lite side again.   We had such a great time talking and laughing.   It is always a wonderful gift when friendships bloom as if we had been friends for years.  

Today, on the other hand, the sun is gone and the wind is howling at 30 MPH.   Thankfully, the temperature is still near 70 so it is tolerable.   I am  glad we are not at one of the other Corp of Engineer Parks across the lake.   There has been a constant dust storm kicking up over there.

P1010369I don’t know if you can  see the sand blowing easily in this picture,  I think it looks worse in person than this picture really shows.   I  imagine those RV’s are getting a good ol’ sandblasting. 

Folks are starting to roll in slowly and this place will most likely be full by Friday when spring break starts in this area.   I am really thankful that the park enforces the 10pm all-quiet rule and will probably REALLY develop an appreciation by Saturday morning.  

We hear that tomorrow is still forecast to be warm again with 30 mph winds, but then on Thursday the potential is in place for severe weather depending upon what time the storms roll through the area.  There is absolutely no shelter here which may make for an uneasy day.   We will see!

There are deer around  this park but nothing like the herds of them that were around us  in Bandera.   We miss them sharing our space.  They were so relaxing to watch, but then of course, the water is now our relaxation.

Thanks for checking up on us, have a good day. 


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  1. Definitely sounds like Bob's got his apetite back. Better be careful there Bob or you'll need to enlarge your wardrobe.

    Hope you have a weather radio that will help, but watchout for the winds.

    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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