Friday, March 09, 2012

Spring Break ???? Really????


My bet is that there are many very disappointed folks spending spring break in less than desirable weather across Texas.   To all of our family and friends  back in Michigan, Wisconsin  and Minnesota you can now take comfort in knowing your temperatures are close to, if not warmer than, the temperatures we are enjoying (NOT) here in the sunbelt.     Within the last week I believe the severe drought Texas has experienced, is well on it’s way back to the positive levels.    Rain, Wind, Cold, Dreary conditions have kept the coach rocking and gone are the days of sleeping better and listening to the rain.   What a winter this has been.


We have not gotten out the last couple of days due to the weather so I decided the only picture that I have to share would have to come from  my blooming dashboard.  


I have enjoyed the blooms on my orchid more than ever this winter and it has done very well  sitting on the dash.


I am tickled to say that I won a drawing for a book that is making the rounds within our blogging friends.    Last week I entered our name into a book drawing that Donna K (Travels in Therapy)  was offering.   Much to my surprise, our name was drawn for the recommended reading of “The art of racing in the rain”.   We want to thank you very much for the gift and I will be reading it to Bob as we make our way back to Michigan.   I will, in turn, pass it on to another blogger friend.   Thanks again for your thoughtfulness, Donna .

Life is slowing down  as we  enjoy our lakefront property we recently have called home.  Hopefully we will have other photo’s to share as the weather improves.

Have a good weekend everyone.


  1. Maybe with all of that rain it will be a gorgeous blue bonnet bloom! I look forward to getting a chance to read the book also. :)

  2. The book is in the mail!!! I started a sign in page and added my blog address so we can track the travels of the book - just for fun! Hope you get some better weather soon but I'm sure the rain was needed.


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