Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Car 54 Where are you ???


Since the weather couldn’t make up it’s mind today as to whether it was going to rain or shine, we headed out to do some scoping out of the back roads before leaving the area.   

It wasn’t long and old eagle eye Bob spotted another gem along side of the road.    Do you remember Car 54 where are you????    Well we found it impounded in Salado, TX.


How cool is that !!!!

We enjoyed poking around  and finding a few other relics back in the lot that I couldn’t capture on the camera.   I believe at one time this may have been an old gas station judging by the signs.


I was surprised to find another sign out on the road that has weathered a few years of sun and wind and somehow has escaped vandals.    Maybe the   sign “keep out or go to prison” has deterred misfits.


Gosh it doesn’t even look like it has been used for target practice.  Just a few yards on down the road was a county sheriff’s vehicle though, ….so just maybe that solves the mystery.


Along the way home we made a quick pit stop at another one of the Corp of Engineer Day Parks, which was tucked in on the backside of the Stillhouse Hollow Dam.    Nice little park with a nature trail that runs along the creek.

P1010398You can see how the rains of this past couple of weeks have washed out the path to the water.  

P1010392    We walked just a short distance around the mouth of the Nature Trail but the humidity seems to take a toll recently.    All in all Bob seems to continue slowly on the road to recovery and for that I am grateful. 



  1. Keep on plugging, Bob. You have a larger cheering section than you know! :)

  2. Bob looks great! Let me know if you are passing through Oklahoma.


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