Thursday, March 22, 2012

Rain, Rain…Everyplace !!!


This is getting OLD..  I am thinking that this year was not the year to escape the winter (that never hit).   Many occasions this winter, our temperatures have been cooler where we have traveled than they were at home…but somehow the 25 degree differences this past week is just not right !    This winter has been strange.    As many of you know, Texas was suffering a severe drought…. well, no longer.   It seems to have been raining non stop for the past 6 weeks.   The lakes and rivers are nearly back to their normal levels and I am beginning to see animals traveling “two by two”  

I am not usually your average shopper.  ( this rain has taunted me into spending money).    I had been wanting to upgrade  my camera  and photography skills for sometime.   Following  the blogs of many and really enjoying the photography has only interested me more.    A few days ago my sister, Pat, called and told me about a sale that  Sam’s Club was running on a Canon camera bundle.   I am now the proud owner of a Canon Rebel T3 complete with two lenses,  SD card and a nice camera bag.   I am sure Canon loves us, as we both bought one.!    I am trying my best to read and REMEMBER (that seems to be the current challenge) what I am learning.   I have only taken a few pictures of our new front yard…yet another COE Park.     


You can see I have lots to learn…. 


This park, although it is pretty and offers lakefront property, is not very level which presents  a challenge for longer RV’s like ours.   It is an older park with  30 amp service but has the added benefit of full hook-ups.   I must admit it makes my life easier being able to use our washer/dryer, even though it is quite small, and the grey water tank must be open in order to use it.    I was  surprised Stillhouse Hollow Park near Killeen TX allowed running  of grey water onto the lawn, because most do not.      

Many of our readers in the RV community already are aware of the America the Beautiful passes available to us, however, there may be some that are not.   Lady Bird Johnson was very instrumental in implementing the program that opened Federal Lands for outdoor enjoyment.   Passes are purchased on a yearly basis ($80) which allows very inexpensive stays on Federal Lands.    For us senior’s the deal is even sweeter.   We pay a $10 lifetime fee for the senior pass which allows us the added benefit of 50% camping discount as well as free entrance to many of the Federal attractions.   Ha, there are  some perks to getting older!   Between finding very nice inexpensive RV parks along the way and making use of our senior passes., we have managed to see and do many things these past five months.

Life is good!


  1. I am not bragging, but it is so hot here in Indy that I am a bit miserable! Shorts and tanks. I'd gladly give you some of this heat. It is only 1:00 and already 78 and they say going to 80, but our hottest time of day is 4:00, so I know it will be hotter than that. Please take this heat!

  2. OH,,,, and the first shot was great! I got a new camera, just a point and shoot and have yet to figure it out.

    1. I have so much to learn about photography ...period !

  3. Replies
    1. You know ...your photography is the reason I was motivated to upgrade my camera. I can only dream of getting the great shots like you do Judy.

  4. Oh WOW! I LOVE messing around with cameras.... and seeing your pictures, I know you'll have a great time with yours. What lens size did you get? The only drawback I have with having multiple lenses is that the one I want to use is always stashed in my vest pocket... or in the car.... or ???? Happy Hunting... hope all your shots are perfect!

    1. Sharon the bundle came with the EF-S18-55 as well as the EF75-300. I am not sure how much however I will be using the 75-300 which is what I really wanted in the first place....Strange as it may be, I find that most likely the 18-55 will be adequate. I can easily see how the one lens you want is never the one you have on you...such is life!


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