Saturday, March 17, 2012

Special Longtime Friendships

There is little in life that is more  rewarding than cultivating longtime friendships.   Dave and Shirley grew up in the same town in Michigan  with Bob and they have remained friends for nearly 50 years.   Although I had met them briefly last year while Bob was hospitalized,   it was not until today that we  had the chance to get to know one another.   We had such a wonderful day visiting  and  catching up, eating delicious Mexican food and I especially loved being chauffeured around the  area.     Life is very special celebrating such longevity.
Shortly after Bob’s stroke, Dave suffered a brain aneurism  that I am happy to report was caught and treated quickly.    Life changed very quickly for them and now, they too, are on the road to recovery.  
I know that everything happens for a reason, that often we  never know the whys of, but in my case I know today gave us hope and renewed patience for a full recovery.  What a special day it was.   Thank you Dave and Shirley for the new lease on life!!!
We have found a Corp of Engineers Park on Bardwell Lake, south of Dallas.     The campground is full due to spring break yet somehow we scored another lakefront site.    We are enjoying a great spot, a covered picnic table that looks out onto the lake, lots of trees complete with the sounds of the mockingbird. 
After leaving Stillhouse Hollow Lake, I had made an appointment to have the transmission fluid changed, a new air filter, and service the generator. ( I have come to the conclusion Bob and I both should have been diesel mechanics and RV Techs).    A few dollars later and a whole lot of crying as I handed them the check…we were once again on our way. 

  I  am getting very spoiled only driving 50 – 75 miles a day from one spot to another.    We plan on only being in this spot a few more days and then will head up east of Dallas at another COE park on Lake Lavon to enjoy a few weeks with more close friends.    We are finding we enjoy the Federal Lands much more than the typical RV Parks.  Does that make us Government Gypsies? 
Tomorrow morning we will be joining Dave and Shirley as  guests of their church. 

Life is good!   Happy St. Patrick's Day!        


  1. What a lovely weekend! Friends, fellowship and faith. What more could you ask for....

  2. I'm hoping to be a government gypsy myself once I leave this refuge at the beginning of May. :)

  3. Good post, filled with hope. Enjoy your weekend and hope you enjoy the service tomorrow.


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